what category does CPAP machine full under.


Do you mean which major topic?

I don’t see anything. Maybe general.

Sounds like a good idea for its own topic.

Good luck!

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I meant I wish you well on your journey.

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Does it fall under ventilatio.

What kind of category are you referring to? A forum topic or as a machine?

A c cap Machine

I don’t know ?


I don’t think it is a ventilator because it just keeps Airway open, it does not breathe for you. A ventilator has a rate to breathe for the patient using it, if the patient does not breathe often enough.

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Thank you.

Sleep apnea

Your CPAP should fall under Sleep Apnea

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Yes I know I was replying to another post. I actually have a bipap.

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DME Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies

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How about Respirtory?

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I am not tttr

I’m on C pap also. My pressure level is set at 11. Would be nice to discuss type of machines,headgear, andmask with others.