Remind me every day to stop what I am doing prepare for bed time. Trouble sleeping is severe

Have to prepare for sleep. It’s a process.


Just curious, and you certainly are under absolutely NO pressure or obligation to answer, but, being as I suffer from the same affliction, and ALWAYS have, I was just wondering, have you been diagnosed with ADHD?! Because I just recently have, and MAN, has that explained A LOT!!


I also have trouble sleeping. I dont have issues falling asleep, but wake up at least 1 time during the night and am up for 1-3 hours, then I wake up at 5. I dont have to be up until 7. I recently started therapy and am keeping a sleep diary. Trying to avoid using medication


Good morning my fellow night owls;
I hear ya on not sleeping at night, ugh.
Going to sleep is fine but staying asleep is the problem, wake up numerous times during night, I’ve tried different things to help but never get more then 3-5hours a night no matter what. I do sleep(try)with soft jazz music playing,(love jazz music)
Being a light sleeper I’ll hear every little noise if i don’t have something on, so i find soft Jazz to help sooth the mind & body.
But 😒 don’t work too often
My Drs have put me on low dose of Abien(5-10mg) even with this I still wake numerous times to no good rest for the night, so their usually is a nap needed during day, of course!!
I’d just love to sleep a good 6-7 hrs at night.
Good luck to all my fellow night owls, i pray we all can get some much needed sleep, that we all need to help us cope with every ailment we having going on wright now.
Good Bless every one & stay inside today if your humidity is high where you live. I will be for sure today.
Have a wonderful day… Hugs & luvs to all.

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Maybe you should start winding down at least two to three hours before bed I know I saw a study on at least an hour before bed don’t do no activities drink some green tea it works in different ways if you are up and moving a give you energy if you drinking it when you laying down to give you rest

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