Relative has MS

My cousin and I are very close. She was diagnosed about a year ago. I’m afraid she is giving in to the disease rather than fighting it.

Oh that is not good! This is not like years ago you can live with MS!! And if you’re negative you going to let this disease consume your body. We have to think positive!!! Get her onto this site why isn’t she typing on this site?💜 She might need to go see a counselor or even a psychiatrist and be put on something for depression? To help her? Accepted and then once she’s accepted it she could wean off antidepressant. When she realizes it’s not bad.

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This could be your pov , but MS is serious and yes theres new stuff available but doesnt mean they can get it, i know bc my dad was a servere case!!! No one can control MS ! Maybe she needs tlc and understanding. This is a painful horrible non cureable !! Alot dont see the pain that comes along with MS! Jugdement isnt good and dont help, we dont know her /his daily life!! Or daily struggles, not everyone survives this!!! Til u have it, youll never understand the pain of MS , research can inform u but nothing like real life experiences !! The pain is real , Prayers to you and her!!!


She is seeing a counselor and doctors at Duke Medical Center. I’m trying to be there for her. Her daughters are not. The one who lives out of town is more helpful to her. I’m glad I found this group. She won’t because she has trouble typing because of arthritis in her hands. I thought I might gain insights that will help me help her.

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Well you are very good cousin.

I have a secret medical marijuana it helps!!!

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I learned it from her and her two sisters!

I’ll tell her!! Thanks.

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Has she tried it?

You have to take the one that’s called balance it has equal parts of the THC and CBD because it helps with the nerves.

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I’ll tell her. Is it over the counter? Require a prescription?

My doctor had to get me the license from New York State I don’t know what state you live in and how it works for you but you need a a license and a prescription. From your doctor to get what I have.

I live in Virginia. I guess she’ll need to talk to her doctor at Duke and since it crosses a state line I’m not sure. But I’ll still tell her daughter that lives in NC. Thanks for the information.

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How do you fight something that seems to be getting worse day by day?

It is hard to deal with, but tell her to fight, until she can’t fight anymore
There is always hope, that’s what I tell myself.

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Thank you so much. I will do that!!