Okay I am early senior , how do you find a soul mate now I just don’t know what site is good anymore I just don’t want to be hurt again I am in Somerset Kentucky now

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Sorry I’m unable to help you. I’m a late? Senior. I lost my soulmate 10yrs ago & haven’t looked for someone since.

There r many dating site 4 mature adults,such as Our Time n SilverSingles bt with any sites like these r vry risky an u shud approach these with caution cuz there hav been alot of horrible scams, especially overseas. Your best bet is to seek out gatherings in your community tht u kno best. I gather with frnds @ my local mall or a cafe if u hav a local hang out I wud suggest tht then online. I’m 56 an lost mine 27 yrs ago. I’m perfectly happy tht I can do wat I want, go where I want n do things on my own. Some ppl acquire tht need of 24/7 companionship, I am not tht type. I hope you find wat ur looking for. Stay strong n b Blessed may the universe guide u to happiness.


I am 40 and met my SO at work. I am unable to help. Prayers and good luck.

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My Husband Donald passed away 2006. I was alone until December 25th 2010. I met my boyfriend Randy in October of 2010. At the time I wasn’t looking for anyone. My then Girlfriend and roommate lost her Husband Mike in February 2010 and used Plenty of Fish a website at that time. I looked at this site and thought better of it. I am glad I did. She found someone right away after her Husband passed. Her boyfriend now Husband introduced us. He works as a Karaoke Host and knew Randy for a long time.


Okay I haven’t met this woman but we have been chatting for over 1 year we got close she lives in south Carolina I am in ohio but lately she wants to get married I am in shock we seen each others photo but what happened next she is coming to my place this month

Hi take your time to heal before getting into a relationship. Join social activities near you. Beware of scammers on dating sites. I lost over $500 last year. Don’t send me money or gift cards to someone you met on internet. I hope this helps. Good luck!

I wouldnt advise sites if you have any other way. They are proven to have great results but also many risks.

Are there any local clubs near you that you could join or social events you could attend instead maybe ?