Quiet day


Hi Community,
Today is a quiet day for me I feel as if I’m stuck, don’t know why but I’m fighting and praying!


Hang in there. Try doing something that you know makes you smile. Prayers for you 🙏


Praying with you, it’s an ugh day for me, could be the weather overcast… IDK, but fighting always makes us stronger and moves us to the next step…be encouraged ☺️


Thank you I’m doing just that!!! I found my old arts n crafts box 😊


Same to you as well Diamond!!😊


☺️, I love arts&crafts, thk u, my therapist always said to try and find joy in what you love when the day’s are challenging 👌


I’m not great at arts n crafts LOL


Lol…I love it my stress goes away I can get so lost in it


That’s great!! I get lost in music for my stress and anxiety. Sometimes I read or go for short walks.


Yes that’s my cup of tea too!!!


WOW… Just keep your focus and be diligent. Trust me I know, but you will be alright…


Thank you I will


Today is great!!!