Question about potentially coming off of meds

Discuss all areas of mental health. Hello everyone! I have a question and I’m hoping someone might have some insight or even personal experience with this situation that I find myself in. I have been consistently working with my doctor on medications for three years now. We have yet to find a combination that works. At this point in time I feel like I don’t know what is a side effect of the med and what is a symptom of the bipolar, if that makes sense? I am contemplating coming off all my meds to figure out a baseline of where I’m at without them. I am not of the mindset that I’ll come off meds and stay off but rather that I want to do a reset of sorts.

I think that I’ve learned a lot more about my brain and how it works since first starting medication and I think that now I would be able to better report my symptoms and what’s happening rather than three years ago. So in my head coming off the meds and seeing a baseline and essentially starting over makes sense but idk if that’s a thing people do? I will talk to my doc next time I see her but was just wondering if doing something like that is normal/beneficial? Has anyone done this before?

I’ve read things about people coming off their meds after being stable for awhile but I haven’t been able to find anything about someone coming off while not stable. Anyone have any experience with this? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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It seems unlikely to come off your meds if your unstable…I have had schizo affective disorder and bipolar one, PTSD and anxiety disorder hit me at 33. I’m 61 now and have been on,meds all my life since then…it took years for the right psychiatrist to come along and raise my antipsychotic to the highest it will go and that’s not even recommended but it kinda worked. I still hear voices but not as bad…I’m stable and never tell any one I have a mental illness. I just had coffee with a man who said this person was mentally ill there and indeed she looked crazy and was practically yelling…I don’t think she’s on meds…so your taking your chances going off your meds…I wouldn’t do it but I’m not you and I’ve spent years going in and out of mental hospitals for psychosis…bad meds, meds that didn’t work, side effects, it finally took the right combination of meds and psychiatrist to get me stable and personally that’s where I want to stay…
So I’m staying on my meds I suggest you do the same since your asking for opinions…

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Don’t do it

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Good morning. My mom had bipolar disorder and regularly would stop taking her medicines when"she was better". Then things would get very uncomfortable in our house. I had one brother and two sisters who had to figure out when we should stay in our rooms or come out and be with mom. Too much stress for kids all under the age of ten when when I recognized what was happening.
So I would advise that you don’t just stop taking your medications without a doctor’s supervision. Several times! Found my mom on the floor or in her bed on the brink of death in a suicide attempt. When she was aware again in the hospital she would scream and curse at me, I was the oldest, about stopping her attempted suicide. So please, don’t stop suddenly and please have people who care about you and a good doctor overseeing you when you do.
I will be praying for you during your decision making and if you do decide to go off your meds. Please keep us informed. God bless you.