Quad heart bypass

I had a quad bypass in October of 2017and i still have a lot of sternum pain any suggestions. It also stayed open for 8 months after surgery.

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Since you continue to experience pain after your surgery you should consult with your doctor. Ask if you could have Costochondritis. This is caused by inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the sternum. It can be treated.
If this is not your problem your doctor can order test to find your problem.
I hope this helps you. Stay well and gentle hugs to you.
Please update when you see your doctor. I care.


You should talk to your doctor.

Stop any pressure on your sternum. Sternum pain is normal when pressure is applied. See “sternum rub” on the web.

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I had my double bypass surgery in 1996, and I’m alive today because of the Lord Jesus Christ. I wasn’t supposed to die, so he bought me out of a coma, after 4 months ago being in one, I my very existence to God Almighty he is the sustainer of us all, and we must give credit to him for our lives.
Everyday he’s with us whether you recognized it or not he is with us everyday by our side, He said he would never leave us or forsake us, and on that he has kept his word. That’s why I’m asking you to trust him with your heart 💓 and soul, he created you for such a time as this. Everything you went through, it wasn’t to punish you, but to show you his Glory and Might and Power of Attorney to save when he wants to or have them die.
But he is offering us a choice to live for him or die, those are the only two places we have faith in you Jesus Christ, or believe in the Devil, life or death which will you choose.
I have survived many challenges and struggles and troubles and pain and hurt in my life but God has been 🙏🙏 me through everything, that is why I am asking you to trust him with your heart and soul, everyday, through everything that happens next give him your attention and faith, just trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, he will always have your back.

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I had quad bypass 8 yrs ago and still have pain. My chest did not heal lined together. Sorry to hear your going through this. Had many test done and was told that I may just have to live with it

That’s a good reply. Play it safe. What he or she wants to know is …anyone experiencing what what I have. Is there anyone like me. Obviously you consult your doctor. But yes, ask around and you will find doctors have different treatments for each of us and will be prompted to look at your situation further.

it going to take time to heal. This was a major surgery. I had a heart transplant and had to take it slow for a few years. You may have to stay in rehab a little longer to get those bones back together. Are you in Rehab?

Are you in Rehab? It takes time to heal a sternum.

Are you Praying woman that trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and God to give your body time to heal.
It may not be your time to get healed, but I know like I know my own body, maybe God is using this for your chance to shine for him through your pain and struggles and hurt and tests and challenges and show you, that you have to strength to overcome the grave. It’s not by your strength or power it’s always and forever God’s grace and mercy that keeps you alive everyday.
Just like David learned to humble himself before God you have to willing to come to place of humility for anything to happen to you.
I don’t have pain from my double bypass surgery,all I have to do is take aspirin, I have the scare, but know pain!!! I breast cancer with no radiation and chemo, they just took out the lumpectomy.
The devil 😈 seen he couldn’t get me until my many challenges with my blood pressure, which lead to me having a Strokes 6 and many TIA’S and I died and went into a coma, for 4 months until God woke me up.
That it self was a miracle, and to think my family was about to pull the plug on me, but God has a plan for me to do, so that is why I am asking you to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. I have to believe that Jesus saved me for his glory and magesty and power he is always with us everyday.

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