How can I get my PTSD under Control I’ve had it since I was really little and I’ve lost a lot of friends and my wife is not understanding about it

Have you tried an outpatient or residential program specifically for PTSD/Trauma? They are very difficult but are supposed to be very helpful because they address underlying situations or trauma that contribute to PTSD. They also teach you how to manage the PTSD.

I have tried it and it doesn’t help

#1 your wife should be understanding and supportive. #2 I feel you I don’t know really how to help but I have PTSD too from my past marriage that I cannot get past and I’ve been married to my current husband for 8 years but I still have communication issues and I shut down if he’s having a bad day or even if he’s irritable. He in turn feels like he needs you watch what he does or his moods because it affects me negatively. I tell him continuously no you don’t need to change that it is me and something that I just need to deal with.

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PTSD requires medication from a licensed psychiatrist and you should see a counselor you can tell the s person everyone has problems if you want to talk dm me on fb messenger app ok good luck I hope you don’t join the 22a day good luck😁❤️😁😁😁☺️☺️☺️☺️

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