Psoriatic Arthritis

Hi, I’m 27 years old, and have had this pain for over a decade. I was finally diagnosed 2 years ago, and applied for SSI. I’m heading to my appeal this month and I must say I am nervous. My doctors have not been taking my pain seriously, and after trying things that didn’t work for nearly two years, my rheumatologist put me back on Aleve. I had taken Aleve for two years, and ibuprofen for two years before that, all before I started seeing the rhuematologist. So I’ve requested a new dr which I’ll be seeing Monday (tomorrow). I’m hoping he’ll take me seriously and at least scan my joints to see how bad the damage is, and then hopefully have ideas for other treatment options. Maybe his new records will help with my SSI appeal. I just want so relief from the constant overwhelming pain. I’ve been unable to work from it since 2012, I can’t stand the thought that people think I’m faking it because I have visible joint swelling and I’m actually not lazy, I’m a very hard worker, and a very driven person, just unable to do 90% of what I used to do. I can’t even enjoy a walk around the park on a paved trail anymore! And I can’t keep struggling to merely survive with no income either.


I hope you have some other comfort from your joints. Maybe this new Dr will see what you are dealing with. Please let us know what you find out. 🙏❤


God bless

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Arthritis is a real deal. It damages joints. And psocratic arthritis causes skin leasons, itching, and nail problems. It is no laughing matter.
The skin inflamation alone can cause you to miss work. It can help with your disability if the leasons caused you to miss 3 months of work. If not then the psoriasis can not be used.
Or if the leason caues a major issue with a joint it can be a dissability.
If the arthritis caues you to need surgery on a joint that is a qualification. Or it it affects your spine making bending and stooping difficult that will qualify you.
If you have a deformaty, infected or inflamed perifeal joint it will qualify you.
In case you don’t know a perfeal joint is the joints of your hands and feet.
If the palms of your hand are involved and you have trouble pushing, pulling, or grasping, writting, typing, or lifting this affects your ability to work.
Arthritis that affects your feet, ankles, hips, or groin area, may give you limitations on activities that requires walking , kneeling, or remaining in one position for long periods of time. This will qualiy you.
They also will look at your age and how long these things can keep you from being able to preform any job you have been trained to do. They will look at what kind of job you had.
With all those things they will determine if you can preform that job for a sustainable amount of time. If not you will qualify.
I hope this is helpful to you.
Stay well and gentle hugs to you. I will pray for you because this is one of the hardest disabilities to prove. Especially if you are young.

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Sorry that you are not being believed. I have had MS Since I was 22. But was not diagnosed until I was 52. For years I thought I was crazy because I had symptoms last 6 weeks and suddenly clear up, it was frustrating to be told I was just overstressed. So I hear yours. You have a VERY SERIOUS disease and you should be treated with respect. I am glad you are getting a new doctor and if that person doesn’t listen keep searching. 🙏🙏🙏
for strength and pain relief. Ask about CBD cream. I use it for severe degenerative arthritis and was astounded at the relief I got.

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Haley you might want check about the use of CBD oil for many issues that you are dealing with a few friends of mine say they good relief from them .it’s just a thought you might to check about
Sincerely Patrick ❤💚May God Bless


Hang in there! It may take up to three appeals to get your SSDI. However, I encourage you to NOT take “Go to hell” for an answer. Keep your case moving forward, even if that means getting a lawyer! As for your pain, I encourage you to keep looking for a doctor that will do something about your constant pain.

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When you go to SSI tell them that you are depressed all the time, it is effecting your quality of life. They will send you to a Psychologist and tell you are depressed but you would like to be still working if you weren’t in so much pain. They will approve your SSI. That’s how my husband got it. I hope this helps you.

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Good luck and don’t give up it took my brother a very l.p. g time to get his disability and he had pain but no one could find what was causing it. Kept being denied SSDI. Now he’s got something else and and at least he can take care of himself for the most part I help out with a couple of bills, but that’s what family’s for and I can name when he’s been there for me. So my friend Just hang in there don’t give up keep fighting and keep your spirits up it will happen it can be a very long road but nothing worth having is ever easy. And if you live in a MM state you might want to think about trying that for pain it helps some people.

Hey, I was very concerned since my mother had carpol tunnel surgery in her early 30s. I too for years I’m 21 now have had hand cramps and joint aches especially when the weather gets colder I do alot with my hands and cant imagine myself loosing muscle in my wrist. A doctor told me to keep a log some years back when I was 16 and said I may need to go see a specialist because I showed her that my wrist would pop and my elbow would too and have some discomfort. Also I know this sounds like I’m complaining too much but seriously my left foot has had 3 sprains and this last one happened while I was at work this last March or April it was and I’ve been having swelling after work in that foot for months on and the doctor gave me meloxicam 2 refills I’m still in the first bottle she gave me because I’m afraid to take it it damages your liver and I already have stomach issues. It feels like at my age no doctor will take me seriously. I dont know if I told the doctor that I’m still having issues with my foot or not will help and I also have developed hives as a allergic response to my environment I’ve seen a allergy specialist and yea hes gave me allegra and motulekast to take for it it somewhat works. I just not sure what to do any suggestions?

You’re lawyer can get you a doctor he’s working with them to see if you have a chance for SSID get one ASAP

It’s good 👍 I’m 63 works well for me

Will br praying for you

SSI will deny you benefits at least twice ( for me). Wound up hiring an attorney to filed third application and went through. He charges 1/3 of my back pay ( they pay when approved back to 1st application date) There would have been no charge if he lost. Seems if you try and apply on your own, they deny, hoping you will give up. Best of luck.