Prpblems with app

Having bff trouble withapp today. Anyone wise? Won’t let me post to journal or mark meds taken

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Hi @Lillie4! I’m not showing any issues on our end, but we can definitely help!

Our support team just sent a message to your CareZone Inbox to investigate and resolve your issue. Please reply back to that message when you have a chance.

(To access your Inbox, tap “Home” and the “Inbox” tab at the top center of the app screen.)

In the meantime, if you have access to WiFi internet, connect your device to a solid WiFi service while using the app. This may fix the issues with saving data.


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Still having issues with posting to journal. Will only let me post pictures but no writing. The keyboard won’t even come up so i can type. This happened since the last update a few days ago. Have been using wifi connection. Everything else works except journal entries

Help. I can only post pictures in the journal…no typing=words

Hi @Lillie4—We can definitely help!

So that we can assist you, please reply back to the message from our support team that was sent to your CareZone Inbox (in the app). To open your CareZone Inbox, tap “Home” (bottom left), then tap the “Inbox” tab at the top of the screen. From there, tap the message from our support team to open it and reply back.

If you have issues accessing your CareZone Inbox, please let me know.

We look forward to assisting you!


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