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I have tried to discover a way to print my journal out. Is there Bluetooth capability? Or something simple I’ve overlooked? Plus it would really be appreciated if corrections in additions could be made. Thank you for the opportunity to ask.

Hi @LIG—Thanks for posting in the community!

Printing your Journal is currently only available by signing in to the website. Here’s instructions below:

1- Go to the website at (outside of the app).
2- Select Sign In (top right).
3- Select a Profile from the left column (e.g. “You”).
4- Select the module you’d like to print from (e.g. “Journal”).
5. Select the PRINT icon (top right).

To edit a Journal entry on the website, hoover over the entry and select “Edit” (to the right of the “Comment” icon).

If you have any questions, send an Inbox message through the app or reply here.


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You are a doll. Thank you! I will give it a try in a couple of days!!!
If it works for me, it will help me KEEP my doc’s up to date.
Thank you again, LIG


Thanks for the kind note! I’m always glad to help.

I’ll be here if you need any help along the way.

Have a wonderful evening!

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Thank you. The week I’m having… don’t be surprised if a tearful emoji shows up. You too, have a marvelous evening and thank you again. LIG


Please, please make these instructions readily accessible from the top level, via a Help menu. Scrolling thru this forum is not practicable, especially if you don’t even know if there’s anything about the subject at all.


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I have sent a link to new members of our team and they are unable to create account. We are based in the UK. They are getting a message that it is for US only.
We have been using the app for 10 years and not had this problem.
Please help
Thank you