Print and share a record of meds taken

Have a way to share the medication that you have actually taken for the month. There are some meds that I take just when symptoms happen. So it would be nice to keep tracking that.


That’s already an option

How? When I pull up the share it only gives a list on what you should take. I can see the days of the month and have to go into each one to see the meds I took that day. I want something I can share or print out that reports what I took in a day.


I apologize I miss understood your question

No problem. I am new to this app son I am still trying to figure it out.


I agree I spent hours looking to find the meds I took as needed when I was getting ready for my appointment.

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Yes could be a little confusing

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A printout of the medication (name,dose,etc) with the option to print out rx#, pharmacy, who prescribed, etc) and the option to print dates and times of missed dosages or dates and times of dosages taken (or none or both). Option to print notes and if there is a box on the app to indicate effectiveness, to be able to chose to print that too.

Thanks for your consideration!

Put doctor name on the print screen. I don’t see a need for where I buy it.
Drug, What it is used for. Rx number - is great. But when I print the list to take to a doctor or hospital They appreciate the printout but often ask the prescribing doctor. Would be great if that printed out.
Thanks, Love this program. It is awesome.