Prevent duplicate contacts when adding meds


On my contract page, some businesses, physicians are listed multiple times.
Ex: Walgreens (add new details) listed 5X’s. Only need 1 listing the one "I " filled out.
Concord/Concord Pharmacy listed 20+ times (add new Details) Multiple times for both!!! I don’t need Concord at all & I definitely don’t need Concord Pharmacy 20 times.
Just the one I filled out!
I keep getting a request for when I take a certain medication. It has been removed from my “Active” list, but it repeatedly asks when I take it. I even wrote DISCONTINUED. It won’t stop!
Even Dr’s multiple times, I only need the one I filled out.

Thank you for allowing me to remove outdated contact people. It was easier then I thought. Originally, they couldn’t be removed under any circumstances but You found a way. YEAH!
Thanks you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

More thanks about duplicate contacts

Thank you for sharing these issues with us. I apologize for the inconveniences they’ve caused. I’m happy to share a few updates to help!

We’re currently addressing the issue to prevent the app from creating duplicate contacts when you add a new med. If you’d like, we can update you when the fix is implemented. It may take some time, but we’re working on it. :)

The issue with being prompted to enter a med reminder for non-scheduled meds is being addressed today! The fix will be added in the next app update, so make sure to turn on “auto-updates” in your app settings, or update the app manually from the Google Play store when your update is available.

For future questions about your account or app, send us an Inbox message anytime. Our support team is here to help!

Take care,

Community Manager


Why won’t it let me edit or remove meds. And add a medication.


Hello! I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues editing or removing meds.

Please try the instructions below:

How to edit a med:

How to remove a med:

How to add a med:

If you’re still having issues after trying the above steps, please send an Inbox message through your app so our support team can investigate and help further.

Thank you!

Community Manager

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Thank you for that information. It helped. How do I print, i don’t see the printer icon anywhere.


I’m glad that helped! To print your med list, tap the “share” icon at the top right corner. On Android, it looks like “<”.

Here’s a link to instructions:

For future questions, please visit our Knowledge Base here ( or send an Inbox message through the app.

Thanks again!

Community Manager


Thank you again.
Please let me know. I have introduced the app to ALL my Doctor’s & they
their Patients.
My favorite app. even though it has growing pains. It will never become obsolete! 🤓


Super, I purchased more data space. It’s running well. Even the shows I stream play without stopping every 5mins.
You are just "Out of this World with Kindness & Understanding. "
You saved me another trip to T-Mobile!

List view for calendar

I’m happy to hear that everything worked out and your device is running smoothly now!

I’ll be sure to update you here once the duplicate Contacts issue is fixed. Again, it may take some time as the fix is currently being worked on. Once it’s ready, it will be scheduled into a future update.

Thanks for your patience and for all of your support!

Community Manager


This problem also occurs with PRN meds


Thank you for confirming that the issue happens for you when adding PRN meds. I’ve noted this for our team as well.

We appreciate your patience while this issue is being worked out.

Community Manager