Portable, less noisy nebulizers?

Currently, I have one of those nebulizer machines like the ones in a doctor’s office only just a bit smaller. Yet, it still has to be plugged in and it’s very noisy. I know there are such things as hand helled devices that don’t make as much noise. An Amazon search revealed a tone of possibilities but I noticed that a lot of them served as medication delivering devices and humidifiers. Then there were some that are used to create aroma therapy devices. Does anyone know what kind of device would be most appropriate for breathing in asthma medication? Again, I’m looking for something portable for travel purposes and easier storage when I don’t have to use it. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Philips has one called InnoSpiro Go that was recommended to me. I do not have it, but it seemed simple enough. My asthma was so bad at the time and we weren’t traveling much then either, that we decided to go with the table model since insurance would only pay for one. Now I think I would get this one from Philips because my asthma is more under control and we are traveling more.

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Thanks - I’ll check it out. Do you know how much it costs or where I could get one?

I answered my own question! I thought I would share the link below in case anyone else would be interested. I now have this thing and it kicks butt! Hopefully posting links doesn’t break any rules. Let me know if it does.