Hello, I am well Let’s call me Dru I have polycythemia vera and esophageal carcinoma which is miraculously in full remission with zero conventional treatments but the polycythemia according to my oncologist will never have a remission status and is rare and incurable, but has a long life span with proper treatment which at this point is literally bloodletting every few months every couple of months the do a treatment called phlebotomy which is the literal draining of blood from my body, the whole process takes right at an hour to complete. This new cancer brings with a whole new set of wonderfully horrific side conditions like profuse sweating, itching like crazy, severe abdominal pain and fevers just to name a couple. Does anyone else suffer from this deleterious disease?

No, I do not but after reading about it you have been added to my prayer list. I pray often for my “friends” from the Care Zone community. I hope that you have a community to support and listen to you with compassion and caring.