POLL: Which activities bring you happiness?


In the spring me and my husband enjoy planting
our vegetable garden and
flowers plus we enjoy fishing
and family get togethers and


As someone who doesn’t work. (Disabled) I enjoy helping others. Whether that’s helping out at a local food market pantry or soup kitchen. Being I have lots of free time on hands volunteering at the public library, walking dogs at the kennel or just simply handing a dollar to a homeless person.
Other day a lady at the counter in Burger King was struggling to find the correct money her purchase cost. Well turns out she didn’t do I jumped in and said I’d cover the difference. Well she was surprised and you could tell she didn’t expect that. Also giving a smile to someone is good thibg to do. Never know it may be the only smile that person received that day. XOXO


Helping people that I come across is something that makes me feel good. As I do not work or do much. With my free time I d to possibly see myself volunteering at a food pantry place, animal kennel, etc.
I always like to give a smile to someone, you never know that may be the only smile that see that day. Brightening a strangers day, yes. Makes both people feel good. Just like a hug lol. XO


Being out in nature


I do a lot of cooking in the winter also, and baking!! Sounds like a very eventful winter


I also just like being alone at home, not having to go anywhere or see anyone though I love my fam. Whether its surfing the web, playing a computer game or watching silly YouTube videos I always seem to find something to amuse myself. Plus I like routine.
Reading mysteries, coloring too every day. 😊😽


Well, I am the better-off one, but my husband won’t allow me to go out.
I used to be outgoing and have lots of friends. My social anxiety limits that, as more than 2-3 people are too many, I get claustrophobic and can’t stand to be in a room. Since moving here, both reasons for staying home have gotten worse.