POLL: Which activities bring you happiness?


Select as many as you’d like and feel free to share more about your choice(s) below!

  • Spending time with friends or family
  • Working on a hobby or project
  • Listening to music or reading
  • Having time alone to relax
  • Something else (share below!)

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During nice weather if I’m not in my garage building things out of recycled wood Im in our vegetable garden.
During the winter I do alot of cooking and web surfing planning out and building up my reclaimed material piles


In the summer months I like to vegetable garden, to keep busy.


My dogs make me smile even on the worst days


I love spending time with my husband. He is my world! When he’s not awake, I color in my coloring books and play on the phone. We don’t really go anywhere except for shopping a couple of times at the beginning of the month and to appointments, so we are just homebodies and most days don’t even go outside.


Love my dogs. They make me get up in days when all I want to do is lay down. But I have to get up and feed my fur babies, Sam and Maxx


I watch historical dramas


Today I danced, I stood in my bedroom and danced until I was breathless. I loved every minute of it. I tuned into Utube picked the music I wanted to hear and danced, danced, danced. I even smiling as a write this. Tomorrow I hope I dance again.




Reading is a good past time. My favorite series is harry potter.


My cat!


I can relate this is me except husband is more mobile and active than I am by far, he doesn’t really understand.


Singing and spending time with God


My happiness is with God. Spending time with him on my porch and coffee and bible in hand.


Mine does not understand even though he is sick too!


I know right? It’s crazy.


Being alone, watching films on my laptop with all 4 cats next to me watching as well.


I enjoy historical dramas online


I love the back to back Law and Order SVU on Saturdays.


I love to crochet. Afterwards you have something pretty for yourself or to share.
Also love to sew. It gives me pleasure to see something nice to wear or the pretty pillowcase for my pillows.
When I am tired I love to watch movies especially ones that are true.
I used to watch the learning channel when I had cable. But had to give that up when I could not afford cable.
Also I read a lot. Love real life novels and James Minshner hope I spelled his name right. Going to the library is one of my favorite things to do. I come home with happiness.