Please share if you can, WE want to bring my daddy Home!

If this is not allowed please let me know, we are in desperate need!


Shared and best of Luck. I wish I could help but I’m on a fixed income and it doesn’t go very far! Where do you live by the way

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Can you please explain on this page what " bring your daddy home" is about? I really think people need to know why you have a GO FUND ME & where OUR $$ is going? My best friend of 50+ years son committed suicide & his body was in another state, so she started a GO FUND ME, she actually made enough money to bring her sons body back & bury him. I think it will help you. BTW, I’ve shared this post yo my friends, but noone I know will help unless they know why it’s needed. God bless you & hope you will raise enough. I won’t send anything untill I know what’s up.

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Oh, Im sorry did the story not show up? This is my daddy and I am recently becoming his live in caregiver. He has to have 24/7 care. His home was built in 1911 and has no central heating and air. With his end stage Copd this would be critical to his lungs. The GoFundMe is set up to help offset some of the cost that is needed before he can even return home. We are currently being told that hospice is necessary but I want to be able to let him “live” whatever is left of his time here comfortably in his home. We need an electrician, light plumbing and Hvac work before we can take him home and have a hospice nurse visit. Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your advice!

Posted below.

As most of you all know Our Daddy and Grandaddy, Ray Willingham has been suffering with End Stage COPD, Advanced Right Side Heart Failure and AFIB. He has been hospitalized over 10 times in the last several months and his condition is getting worst! While making trips back and forth to the hospital, we have had to accept the fact that he will need a live in caregiver. Jessica his daughter is taking time off of work and her and her family will be moving in with him. When getting ready to move we noticed many repairs needed before we could even bring him back into his own home. This home is more than a home to him and it is where he WANTS to spend his last time here with his family. His home was built in 1911 and he has taken great pride in the fact that it is almost completely original. The only source of heating in the home is a wood burning fireplace. This is critical with his lung condition. Currently, he is displaced and staying on Jess’s sofa until we finish the repairs. A few major issues beyond the Hvac is the plumbing, electrical. We also need household items: blinds (35x72) and (40x72), sheets for a twin hospital bed (White), pillows, and rugs, White towels etc. We have gotten a lot done with the help of family and friends over the past month by selling A few of Dads items and donations. This was just unfortunately not enough to bring him back home. He deserves to be comfortable at his home and I know we can do this with prayers and your help! Thank you for taking the time to read about Bringing Grandaddy Home.

We appreciate it! Prayers are always accepted! Thank You for taking the time to read about my daddy! Bless You!


Oh, I am so sorry 4 what you & your family & his friends must be going through. I actually just list my father, January 31st. I live in a different city & by the grace of God saw him the week b4 he passed. I had not seen him in years due to my medical issues, it was only a 4 hour drive but in those 4 hours my driver had to stop 4 ×. So the 4 hour drive took near 6. My dad was 93. Unfortunately due to being on disability I have not a penny to spare. May God bless you & will be more than happy to say a prayer 4 his safe return home. God bless all of you & know in your heart that all will work out. I hope you dont mind the prayers will be in Hebrew. Best wishes to all. The dirt digger, Leslie

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Any and all prayers are appreciated! I am very thankful to have my Daddy, I lost my mom a few years ago. She was 57. My daddy is 67 now so 93 years would be a blessing. Thank you for the prayers. Lately my dad is a man of few words but he shares a passion for creative artwork and for poetry. This poem is one of his favorites. I have read this at least once a week for several years now. Thos poem always seems to reflect a moment in my life that brings clarity and simplified understanding! I hope that you enjoy it!


If you wish