Please Help Cant Afford Meds

I’m a caregiver for my best friend . Who has trouble with diabetes and a number of other health issues. Including kidney and heart problems. He receives help from what I believe to be four different medical insurances. He is a very recent amputee patient. He is on Medicaid with spenddown and bu the time hes done paying that and what he has to pay right now because of being a recent amputee. He cant afford his medications very important medications . Which help him to survive and stay healthy in a way. Please any advice or direction would be more than greatly appreciated. Hes doing so much better since his amputation. I don’t want to see him go back down hill because of the high co pay of all his meds oh that also includes high blood pressure as well.

Then to add more fuel to the fire he is still waiting for insurance to issue him either a power wheelchair or a scooter. He has bot been able to walk even before the amputation for about 2 yrs now . Has been waiting still all this time for his chance to be mobile again. Dont know if someone mat know a way to speed up the process or another way to go besides insurance company and the doctors . Thank you so much for your time


Are u in the Loveland area if so I might as y have a few resources that I can give u

Oh so sorry yes I meant to add my general location that would’ve helped.
I live in Niagara Fall’s NY

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I dont but thank you so very much .
I live in Niagara Fall’s NY

Have you tried calling the manufacturer of the medications? A lot of times they will help you to be able to get your meds.


Has he applied for help from his state with his medication? Go to to see if he qualifies for extra help. Is he 65 if not he still might qualify.


He is on social security also receives Medicaid. But its Medicaid with spend down. That’s where most of his money goes . Which I dont understand for one its government money just taking from government money . After he pays that he is literally left with nothing for the month . That’s another reason I do have him living with me . So I can try to help him at least a little. I’m disabled myself and can only do as much as I can. Which trust me isn’t a lot but I’m a bit more able than he is . Wish I could do a lot more it’s so aggravating. I feel so guilty because there are times we go without food. With his diabetes it’s so dangerous. So needless to say there’s a lot of days I just dont eat so he can . Yes we both get food stamps but again his are limited. Mine are not enough to feed 2 adults and 2 kids . The kids I just got custody of after my brother passed in February.
I do thank you very much for your help and advice.
Oh and he is not yet 65 he is 61.

Thanks I will give that a try .
Oh boy am I gonna be on the phone for awhile lol. He is on just about 20 different meds . But if does help it will be worth it for sure.

Youvare a God send to his family. Contact AARP and ask for thier supplemental insurance coverage they are very reasonable and cover most od uncovered meds. Good luck let me know if you need help.

Thank you so much .
I will definitely do that tomorrow morning.

I’ll probably need help. So I will let you know

AARP is usually very easy to work with, let me know if I can help.

Ok great thank you very very much

Patti what state are you in? I’m asking because I may be able to help you.

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That would be great if you could . I have a couple of different options to check out in the morning thanks to some very kind people here.
But I live in Niagara Fall’s NY.
If you can help it would be greatly appreciated. If you cant it will still be greatly appreciated.

Download GoodRx they will give you a list of how much the medications are and which stores offer discounts.

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I love her suggestion. But try AARP
Too. Good luck!

Where are you

Welcomed. Try the manufacturer of the medications. They’ll usually give sample. It’s a place called C3HealthCare here in THE State of Virginia. Which deliveries all of your medication and you pay any amount you may have , even if it’s $5. They will accept and deliver all of your prescriptions. Its awesome. Just make sure you pay as little as $0 - 5 monthly. It’s a lot of churches and non profit agencies as well which helps with the cost of prescription medications! Hope this helps!!

When does he turn 62? Find a senior care insurance agent now. When you find one that person will help you in finding help for since you are a care giver also. If you can’t find senior care agent go somewhere seniors gather like a lot of ones in my area gather for coffee at McDonald’s. Ask them what kind of help they get. I am in Kansas and my sister-in-law gave me the name of an agent that helped her find a low price supplement plan F that paid almost every thing including drugs. Some people’s plans can be paid out of their social security checks. An agent has access to several different companies and what they cover and find the best formula for your or his insurance plan. Since he is disabled he might find a plan until he turns 62. Then have a plan for after. But you have to start early so when he turns 62 everything will be ready to activate.