Please add Sleeping issues forum


This is a problem shared in so many ways.


Yes sleep is a big issue with a lot of us.
I have sleep apena and use a CPAP. I would enjoy finding someone who has good advise.
Thank you for thinking of this issue.


Thank you for sharing your idea @SpringK359! We just started a new Suggestions & Ideas community today, so I’ve added your topic here to help share it with others. Thank you for being the first!

We don’t have plans to add a Sleep Issues Community just yet, but I’m happy to share that we do have a few topics in the community that are dedicated to sleep issues here:

If we add a Sleep Issues Community in the future, we’ll be sure to update you here!

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Following!!! This is very much needed! Thanks


I cant Sleep literally. I have PTSD,and i hate To tell, i unknowing hit my loving,wonderful hubby in my sleep. Yell out my sisters name (she pasted, we were so close we looked like twins! Sometimes i look in the mirror and see her, not me!) I have to stay up while everyone sleeps bc i feel weird. This is just the tip of everything. I wish i didnt dream, let alone remember every details of dreams. Sleep . i miss Sleep. I need sleep. Yes ive tried it all literally. Thats all i can say for now without tears.


I don’t Like, I sympathise. I had my version and it was a cakewalk compared to your experience.


Sleep ? Ugh more like naps