PANIC ATTACKS! COPD, CHF, 27 Meds! Caregiver to My Hero, My Daddy!

Hello, I am new here and also new as a full time caregiver. My family will be moving in with him to take care of him as he has declined hospice or home health. I am trying to learn new coping methods to introduce to my dad so that he can deal with the anxiety and panic attacks. I also think that the medication is rather excessive! I will try to be brief but here are the bullet points.

  • Age 67

  • Weight 270

  • End Stage Copd diagnosed 10 years ago
    *4 Liters Oxygen 24/7
    *Bipap nightly and when napping

  • Advanced stage Right side congested heart failure diagnosed 1 year ago
    *Edema in legs recently with skin breakage and fluid leakage

-Afib diagnosed 3 years ago

Anxiety and Panic attacks diagnosed 5 years ago
*5 antidepressant or anxiety medications listed below

  • He drives around in his car until he feels like he is not going to die! His O2 can be 65 and he drives his car. IT SCARES ME TO DEATH!

Of all of his conditions this is the one that causes him the most distress. I know its brought on by the lungs and the Copd but I can not stand to watch him suffocate and look at me with “Help me, I’m scared” expressions."
I feel so helpless! I drove him around for 4 hours tonight! I dont know what to do. PLEASE HELP ME HELP HIM! Ant advice will be helpful!


Can his health providers give you a hand?

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Well, that is the thing. We have been in and out of the hospital with week long stays 7 times since September. His primary physician will can not Visit patients at the hospital. This has caused a hospitalist to prescribe medications as well as the pulmonary dr and cardiologist. Right now hes on 5 different medications just for anxiety but when his CO2 gets high he has these attacks and that is when none of the medication works. It causes him to exasterbate and by the time we get him to the hospital he so far gone he has to stay on the bipap for days at a time is hard to get him back.

Oh, my!

I hope this cycle tapers off.

Hi my first time here too. What state are you in? In NC,Raleigh where I’m from there is a program called community care- they will assign a nurse to follow him by phone and home visit,they even have learning tools.maybe there is something like that where you are. I know how you feel my mom had cong heart failure,copd,diabetes I watched my mom go in and out of hospitals so many times when it came time for me to take care of her I couldn’t bc my health had turned bad on me. Look for senior resources in your area.

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I know it is hard to watch someone go through this. I haven’t been on for a few days because we are back in the hospital again! Its atleast 2 weeks a month these days.

There’s not really anything that you can do. Just be there for him and with him. Give him lots of love attention and reassurance that things are not as bad as they seem (even though you know otherwise) Just keep him comfortable and talk to the doctor about switching up his meds to help him cope with the anxiety and stress. Being on too many psych meds can cause anxiety and panic attacks. If that doctor don’t listen keep trying to find sum1 who will. Alot of his meds cud be having adverse reactions with each other. Get with the pharmacist and discuss it with them. The fact that he still drives is amazing. Just help him and calm his mind with sweet sensations of different types of sounds. (Ocean birds etc.) You can get it on a CD just about anywhere CDs are sold. You can also find audibles of calming sounds online.


Need to get some of the psych meds taken away. He’s on too many. They had me on alot of meds and I switched to OU Psychiatric care and now I’m not on all the meds and my anxiety and panic attacks became alot less of an issue in my life.

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Thanks for the advice. we actually have a pacemaker put in. is afib has acted up a lot lately contributing to the anxiety we are hoping that this will relieve some of the panic attacks and then here comes the coronavirus crap and my father is definitely the poster child for high-risk.

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My fiance mom and myself are all high risk with the Coronavirus. We have weak immune systems

In that patient but not as bad ads your family member. I have OCD , DIABETES, HEART INVOLVEMENT, AND ANXIETY ATTACKS on occasion. I had a miracle in September 2019 and got my mind back. I was overloaded with CO². ANKLES SWOLLEN, 306 POUNDS FOR MANY YEARS. BUT THE SWELLING WAS NEW. They took 10 pounds of fluid off the hospital and that waf the only change made. Same meds (23), same diet, increased exercise at nursing home. Since I got rid of the CO² my mind is clear Ann’s I ex decided every day. In now at 279 pounds. Encourage your father ro exercise every day. Ask the IRS. ro put him in the hospital and get a big dose of fluid remover overt 4 days. It will help. I’m sure of it. But I really believe you should not give up…a miracle can happen for you and the family. God bless all of you.

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By the way… bless you for being a care giver. Remember to take time for yourself as it is important.