How is everyone handling this Covid-19 pandemic? I have stayed home for this most part, only going out for medical appts and to pick up my RX.

The world as we new it won’t be the same. It is so very depressing. Everyone hope you enjoy your weekend!

Stay safe and healthy all 😁


I been working it since it started. I know I been lucky in the place that I am at as it didn’t spread as much or have many cases. I am very careful with everything I do… Hope it starts opening up for you. And you staying safe and healthy.


COVID 19 virus has been very difficult to adjust I think the information is good but it has panic our country. I encourage you to reach out to your medical community for support education Medical education and any resources that can help you through it family religious beliefs and any support that you can get back to you doing Communitydo you what you can do not feel that you have to be tied into your home. It’s agitated not going to be as a word but we can make it turn aroundAnd support one another. Not like you and have a great evening and we keep in touch.


I am doing the same as you(I.e staying home, medical appointments only)
I have underlying health conditions. I am ok. And now with all the other unrest in the country I’m happy to stay home. 🧡✌️🎗🙏🏻Rose

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You are right. I think the world has forever changed…I’m afraid.
I find it very scary too!

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I have a question does anybody else notice that their anxiety spikes when they have to put a mask on if I have to wear the mask longer than maybe 10 minutes or so I know it was my I miss Aya tea gets really really high and I feel like I can’t breathe so I found different mass that are more pushed out then pushed in and it feels like I can breathe better than anyone else have that issue

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I find the paper mask best for me, lightweight and throw-away!

Yes, I find wearing a mask is not always easy so I find the paper masks easiest for me when it’s a short stop. And most of my outings are short!