Pancreas division

I’m just curious is anybody else out there has been faithful pancreas division and how they are handling difficulty. First I must say please excuse the autocorrect my cataracts are causing great difficulty using the keyboard so I’m using a microphone they has no understanding of a Southern accent. And to be honest I believe the autocorrect is a program created to make smartphones look smarter than you and make you look stupid. Okay that’s just my opinion
I am 62 years old and was diagnosed with pancreas division back and i40 when I started having pancreatitis attacks currently my pancreas is calcified I’m a brittle diabetic and I have to take enzymes to digest my food. And all these years I’ve only run into one person who has had pancreas division and that was a nurse at the hospital who is also at that time going through the early stages. I was told only 5% in people get pancreas have pancreas division which is caused by birth defect that you don’t it doesn’t normally show up Emily 5% of them even though they have pancreas division. My goal it’s defined others dealing with this difficulty and maybe getting a conversation only individual support in dealing with it hope your face having a good day.