Painful day

So much back pain

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I’m sorry sweetie. I know the feeling. I have a nerve and muscle disorder. And my back muscles are killing me today

Unfortunately I too have back damage, I have an internal pain pump, within seconds I’m comfortable again

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I have been thinking about trying to get one. My pain some days are unbearable. Today is one of those days. Plus it’s worse today because I had some vaccines Thursday and have some side effects from it.

This is my 2nd pump, they last 8 years, it’s been so helpful. Once a month you go 2 pain Doctor & they fill it by inserting a needle into a “pouch” I have an apparatus that let’s me give more if the flow is not enough or having a bad back day

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I have two herniated discs in my low back and degenerative disc throughout my entire back. Therefore, I can relate! I do hate to learn that you are suffering too.