Hello everyone I’m new whew! Where to start! Well I live in Connecticut about two years ago I was experiencing a lot of back pain the doctors in the area I live in or no help my sister suggested to go to Boston so I did I found a wonderful surgeon I found out that I had arthritis very bad scoliosis collapsed disc in my spine was 8in off to where it was supposed to be

he did my surgery 8 hours of surgery of which I also had a heart attack during surgery they stopped it did a stress test on me found out things were okay and continue I am now walking and standing butt over the summer I sat in a lawn chair that was broken down I went to Boston again X-rays showed I broke two bars so I’m going in for another surgery in April


Prayers and welcome


Welcome & hi Beckie!!!


I after 10 years, my pain management doc really heard & looked deep in me. After over 10 years, I went almost off the ledge & was to a point they were going to amputate, knee down. Dr. L was me 2 months ago and just said " Leslie you dont look good" filled my pump ( for herniated disks, L1 2& 3. )
Then then gave me the same dose & amount of duladid. He saw me this past Thursday to fill my pump & he just said “hang on” & could hear him say my n as me & he was t as long 2 the other Dr in the group, who also knows me. I have COMPLEX REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME. Enough, he put me back on oxycodone 30 but also 15mg. So every 4- 6 hours 45 mg + 8 mg duidlid ever 6 hours as needed. FOR THE 1ST TIME IN 10 YEARS I was in my garden, pain level about 3 or 4. & felt good. I’m so grateful I did not give give up. KEEP THE CANDLE BURNING


I hope things are getting better soon