Pain Relief from an herbal tincture

Check out conolidine from Pharm Origins in Alpharetta Georgia - ask for the clinical strength 2,000 mgs bottle herbal sublingual tincture that you place beneath your tongue and swallow whatever does not get absorbed by the membranes under your tongue. Ask to upgrade to clinical strength with 2,000 mgs per bottle when p lacing your order - they claim this herbal tincture is as strong as morphine and I can confirm this is strong medicine that does not require any prescription and is not habit forming nor is this a narcotic. I have been able to significantly reduce my Oxycontin doses over the past 2 months down from taking 9 pills per day down to just 3 pills per day in two months and I plan to continue to reduce until I am completely off the narcotics all together. I am enjoying pain free days for the first time in years so I am sharing my good fortune with all of you chronic pain people with the hope that your pain will be relieved as mine has been relieved. Please let me know if you experience the same pain relief that I am experiencing with this product. I hope my message finds everyone in good health and spirits especially during this Covid-19 crisis. My email address is if anyone wishes to contact me about this product or my experience with this product.

Be Well and enjoy many blessings - Angela


Just curious Does it show up in a urine test because I have to test for pain management once a month

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I would love to hear from someone else who has tried this.