Pain on pain

I have had crps for almost 14 years now. Was a pro athlete small surgery ended my carrer and gave me a carrer in disability with my CRPS I got from the surgery.

2 years ago I broke my hand got acute compartment syndrome but they just operated 36 hours after they noticed what was going on as they thought it would go so far. I live alone in a different country from where I am from. Love it here and the health care except this mistake. But minutes mattered that they where able yo keep the hand on. Its my right one is/was the dominant one. I am an OT myself but still can’t do it all on my own and yes have hard time doing things and the pain. Just by taking shower. I basically need to choose if I want to make food, shower or clean each day due to my hand beeing useless.

And the doctors want to wait and wait. Now they are dealing with the pain but I also would love if they would deal with that I could use my hand.

Here are some pics of the scar and one of the fracture. Is there any hope thst I will use the hand again?


There’s ALWAYS HOPE!! God can do anything! Miracles of all,kinds happen daily around the world and in our own home and towns…I just had a miracle happen the other day. I was stuck in the snow I’m 62 and disabled and no one was there to help me and it was 4 pm getting dark at 5:30 pm in Omaha Nebraska with lots of snow and ice…there was no one to help me and this man named Jacob came out of no where and told me he would push the car and to turn around and go down the hill and go through the woods to the main road…I was backed up into a pole which I hit while trying to drive up a hill which I found out it was ice…I kept sliding around until I went backwards and hit the pole…there was no way this person could have pushed the car out…but I was driving the car and it turned around and went down the hill and I got home safely…this was no mere man…he came to me as God His son Jesus and supernaturally turned the car around…I said God Bless you as I went down the hill to safety…he then disappeared…I know this is a different story but I could also tell you my son signed up for the Sercret Service and thought he wouldn’t make it as his ankle was messed up and he thought he’d fail the physical…I prayed every day and night he would get better and he did, passed the physical and graduated from the Secret Service…now he has a career and he doesn’t even believe in God…so Yes God can choose to heal your hand and if not then he has a plan for you and your hand…Don’t give up.!! Pray and do your best. God will send people around you to help you…this is faith in God and whether he heals your hand or not he still Lives and watches over you…
I will pray for your hand to get better…I will pray every day for you! THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR HOPE!! NEVER GIVE UP!! I go through despair also sometimes but remember God knows why your hand is the way it is…and only he can heal you…God bless you.💞🎈


Please God has nothing to do with my situation. And if he existed and did. Why didn’t he just don’t let this happen instead of comming afterwards with some “miracle”.

Please please please don’t mix religion with my sickness and tell me to wait for a miracle.
If there was God and if he was as good as religious people say. He would never let any of this happen.

I am not aksing for a religion lecture, nor did I push my non religion on you. And this is just so respectful when people are in agony. And are trying to get real advice and ask for help to push your religion on me.
I did ask for specific things, they where not about religion. And this is a forum for pain. Not for religion. I just stopped at line 2 or 3 as I just couldn’t read more as you mentioned nothing but god and gave none valuable advice or information.

Again, this is forum for pain. If you want to talk about got or push your religion do it on forums for that topic.

This is not the place to tell people that God or some miracle through him will happen. As it won’t. Give some valid advice about the topic.

Again if God existed it would be way less work for him to keep evryone healthy and avoid accidents instead of dealing with the aftermath. This also makes this man cruel to let people go through this if he is so powerful that he could avoid those things but instead decided to bully people and make them disabled or sick.

Go with your religious talk somewhere else. This forum is about pain, and stick to that. And again it is so out of my imagination how you could turn my post into a talk about your God and religion. That is quite a stress.

Again this is a forum about pain, not about religion or god. And go with your religious answers to religious forums. As religion and pain are two very very different thing and have nothing in common or related.

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In sorry your offended. This is a public forum and I’m,entitled to,my opinion as are you…

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I didn’t ask about opinion on religion.

You wouldn’t come with a lecture about weather on a car forum just because it is a public forum and everyone is allowed their opinion.

I asked about specific thing on a forum wich is about pain. And why don’t you stick to what this forum is about and what people are asking under this category?

That is just common sense. And we all know wr are all allowed our opinions and express them. But use an appropriate forum to express your opinions.

Not ruin people’s questions with very unrelated answers.

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I have lots of trouble with pain not just my hands but my whole body. I am lucky to be up and walking 20 yrs after they told me that I wouldn’t. I have a friend who comes to help me clean the apt and she brings me food to eat that I can warm up in the microwave. I have a hard time in the shower but I manage. Maybe you can get a Home Health Nurse to come help. Best wishes


I am sorry that you are in such a horrible situation. It both looks and sounds painful. I have never heard of this condition, so I don’t know much about it.

think all of us here suffer to varying degrees. There are no easy fixes for any of us. It is very debilitating living with chronic pain. Sometimes sharing similar experiences can be helpful.

You do not believe in God and of course that is ok. But from someone who does…I will pray for you. However you find help I hope you find it soon and that you experience relief from your pain.

I can offer you no good answers, but I can listen when you need to talk.


Have a nice day!

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Both CRPS and acute compartment syndrome are very rare and both came as complications. Once from small arthroscopy and the other from breaking or more exploding the bones in the hand. And both make the affected area very disabled. So my left knee and right hand. Loosing the ability of the right hand was the worst. Specially living alone in different country. But still was lucky they where able yo keep the hand on… But I can’t use it, so I only have my left hand. And loosing the use of the dominant hand after using it for 37 years is hard. Still learning new ways to do things. And everything takes me ages to do.
But luckily I had a degree in occupational therapy so I could somewhat help myself in adjusting my home and change things and the way I do things myself. But of course it is much easier to help other and teach them than apply those things to yourself. Also it is my fault of not asking for more help. And I live in Spain and I think there isn’t much of a free home health care service in the public system. Nor in the private either as this is a social thing the home health category. But I do need to find a cleaning lady and pay her myself that’s for sure. But I feel so guilty letting other clean my house as I was brought up to do those things myself. But I still know it is not the same as getting a cleaning lady while completely healthy but it has probably something to do with the pride of needing others to do it for me.
And I need to let go of that

And PS. Side note: if you Google my diseases both crps and acute compartment syndrome. Don’t google pics of the acute compartment syndrome for your own sake, sanity and well beeing.

As yes this is real and the scar on my hand, the hand was open down to the nerves through all muscles as they where cut open and through them the whole arm (the whole scar length) for a week it was open deep down to the nerves through the muscles.
Maybe as I saw it with my own eyes I don’t recommend people googling pictures of it. But please do not for your own sake. You have at least be warned. But it is OK to Google the written info about both my diseases if you want to know about them as both extremely rare.

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Sorry you offended me?
No you did not offend me. Just don’t make assumptions about me as I was asking about total different thing and it is not to much to ask for people to keep the answers and conversations within the topic and my question.

And to ask you to do so and tell you that this wasn’t what I asked about nor you kept your comment within the topic of the forum not my question wich was within the forum category.
Is not beeing offended.
I was not.
But I was more shocked how you could turn my question about pain related things in a pain forum into what you did as it was so unrelated and quite a stretch to put your religion and give me religious advise when I needed one about pain and my diseases.

Again don’t make assumptions about people and decide how the felt. Nor give them unrelated advice specially when they didn’t ask for it. And also when the forum is about special topic. Keep it within that.
And don’t push your religion and tell me God will heal me. As was he just doing an evil prqnknsonhe could laugh with his friends and flex his healing abilities? That is not a good God.
And why injure me wh3n5he could just not do it and have a day off instead of trying to heal me wich he has failed way too much to do.

If you want to believe in your God. Good for you and I have nothing against it, as it makes you happy then wonderful. But don’t push your religion ion vulnerable people who are trying to heal and accept their disability and also give th4m false hope that good will heal them. why didn’t he Just not let people get injured instead of torturing them to flex his “superpower” to heal them. I know no-one who he has healed.

Thank you. I appreciate your nice thoughts on praying for me. That is a totally different thing than from what the other person did.
You are not pushing anything on me, you are sending me love and I appreciate it when people send good thoughts and your way of doing so is to pray for me and I am very thankful you take your time to do so. ❤️❤️❤️


I have a rudimentary understanding of your disorders, as I have ten years medical field. I too have chronic pain and understand your frustration! I live in the U.S. so I don’t have the same type of social isolation, but I do have self-imposed social isolation due to the pain and limited mobility.
I hate that you are going through what you are going through. I hope and pray for your doctors to have the guidance and wisdom to come up with an appropriate intervention!


Have a nice day!

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Yes I have a degree in OT wich is a medical profession. It never acurred to me that I would be the one who would benefit most from my degree and education in terms of using it.

And yes both those things are horrific. At least they where able to keep my hand on though it is useless. But having my professional football /soccer career over at age 25 from a small knee arthroscopy where I expected to be back on the field in max 4 weeks. 14 years later I am still sidelined from this early ended carrer. And then going through it all again with the hand was shocking as I felt all my work to be where I was was for nothing.

But I know I am strong I am still here, still fighting. Still keeping on getting more education as I cant work. Live in a very good climates country. So not all bad.