Pain Med Options

Hello, I have arthritis in my hips, SI joints and lower back. My shoulders and hands are starting to hurt the same way but I haven’t had them xrayed or anything yet. Because of multiple GI issues, I am no longer able to take NSAIDs. I am wondering what you guys take and/or do to cope with wide spread pain like this. I am in pain all the time and find it extremely difficult to deal with. I will be seeing my doctor soon and would like to know what my options are other than NSAIDs.


Hi. I can’t take arthritis meds cuz I only have one functioning kidney so my rheumatologist has me on monitored norco and gabapentin. Plus I have lupus so I take meds for that too. Actually my list of health issues runs long. But those have worked for me for over 20 years. I’m careful with what I take. But I personally don’t have an addictive nature. But even if I did I need the norco some of the time quite badly. It helps but I can’t take anything for inflammation but a rare meloxicam when it’s awful. Talk to your dr. Gentle hugs


Hi my name is Darlene Hamilton I suffer with chronic pain I broke my ankle back in 2015 and February are broken into spot I had end up having surgery the same day they put Hardware in my ankle October 2nd 2015 Day end up taking out the hardware a day after my birthday therefore I’m still suffering with the same problem with my left ankle chronic pain high blood pressure is make my blood pressure go high on October 17th 2019 I end up having surgery again on the left ankle saying that I had ligament was damaged real bad so they had to reconstruct my ligament in my left ankle there I’m still having problem I just want to give up it been five whole years I’ve been suffering from this angle and making my pressure go high like in 2-stroke numbers I just put it in God Hand and pray that everything turns out for the best but it been five whole years and I’m still suffering besides that I have to go through a knee surgery on my right knee now and I’m just tired my rotor is torn in my left shoulder I have to have surgery for that to replace that like the first surgery I had on my ankle the doctor said he’s going to fix it kind of iron. The second surgery October 2nd I had to go back under the knife again for surgery black you say damn if you do damn if you don’t you praying and hoping that you get better but come to find out I have not got better at all what does saying left ankle I don’t even know if I want to go through the procedure of having the other surgery on my right knee on my left shoulder plus I have sciatic nerve in my back goes to my right here right knee and I have arthritis in my left ankle the one that they have did the surgery on had a lot of bone fragment in there the last doctor which is the third surgery had to remove it and he said that I had broke my ankle really bad

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I fought the good fight & tried to be the hero while suffering severe low back pain & knee OA…I tried any & every possible topical creams/patches, TENS, supplements until I finally cried “uncle “ & went to a pain clinic & started chronic opioid treatment. It literally renewed my life enabling me to continue to work, be active and have a life!

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If this is a chronic issue, which it sounds like it is, I would strongly suggest giving acupuncture a try. It has helped people in so many ways and without the use of narcotics.

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I just read an article in the Ankylosing Spondylitis newsletter about “Rinvoq”. Looks like something you might want to talk to your doctor about. The article said it is good for relief of pain in those who can’t tolerate NSAIDS. It’s a once a day pill but it still had the potential to lower immune system like a biologic.

I have been on methadone for 15-20years now for chronic pain. Tried everything else ( through a pain clinic). Was hesitant to take methadone because of its connection to heroin addiction ( never used heroin) I eventually gave it a try and it has been the only med, for me that helped with back issues. I’ve since developed OA everywhere and had both shoulders and a knee replaced. In the end it will come down to what you and your Dr work out for treatment. Opiates are always an option, don’t write them off. Yes they are addictive but so is the pain we suffer. NSAIDs don’t work for me because of stomach issues. Steroid treatments are an option to explore as well. They are like NASIDs without the “N” and can be easier on stomach. Best wishes you find something that works for you.

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See, I am dreading being referred to a pain clinic for some reason. I think I associate it with opioids which I associate with addiction. Can a pain management clinic offer me other options? I don’t want to sound like one of those people who accuses everyone of being addicts because I know that isn’t true. I’ve just seen the bad side way too much and it scares me.


Definitely something to talk about with my doc. I just want to know that opioids aren’t my only option.


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I’ve heard that gabapentin is helpful for pain. I just never knew how well it works. At this point, I’m willing to try anything that might help. Worst case, I can always stop taking it. I just need to make sure it’ll be ok with my other meds.


It works so good for me. I was having pain from my back going down to my knee. It took less than a week to have it gone and under control. I was amazed. Now it doesn’t work for my friend but I swear by it and so does my sister and brother in law

My doctor recommended magnesium. I have to get it at the Natual Health store and have found it making a big difference.

Yes…they offer other options, e.g. radial nerve ablation that can give you 4-6 months of pain relief

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Aqua Therapy is all that helped me. Not totally painless but so much better. From daily 8 9 level to 2 to 5 possibly a day or 2 almost no pain. Yes I live by aqua Therapy.

JessicaS–dont be afraid of pain management clinics, they are doctors! It doesn’t hurt to at least going to talk to them about what your options are and then decide what you want to do.
I suffer from 1 tear in left rotator and 2 in my right that make it where I can’t lift my arm’s and if there is something where I have
to the pain is so excruciating, my neck is a mess and they talked about putting a rod in but I chose not to at that time, I have issues with my lower back I don’t remember which disk they are but they are the last three. What my Doctor at the pain Clinic did for me was he did spinal blocks in the affected areas, the spinal blocks where done I think about a year ago and can tell they are wearing off, if you have had children you might have had a spinal block and if so it is basically the same thing so at least go find out what your options are, you may be surprised!

Cubbieken–I suffer from MS pain that affecs my whole body all day every day, I suffer arthritis in my feet, ankles, hands, back, neck, knees and hips, I had bone density tests done because I have had so many fractures this past year and that testing showed that I am high risk for fractures, the fractures I endured this past year where-- 2 fractures in my left foot, I fell landing on my left knee causing a fracture, a week later I fell going up stairs landing on my knees and received a fracture on my right knee, I fractured 2 of my middle toes bumping my foot into the wheel of my Walker, I had my Achilles Tendon snap while climbing into bed, when it snapped my foot fell forwards where my whole toe section was curled under and all my weight came down on it which caused me to get 5 fractures in that foot (right foot)! I’m sorry for my rambling on so here is the point I was wanting to make! There are many options out there its just a matter of doing the research and talking to Doctors so you can make a decision on what will work for you, you my need to try several of those options to find what works best! Opioids are an option but they are very addictive so you need to be very careful when choosing that option! I am a recovering addict/alcoholic, 13 years as of this past November, because of the pain I have from my MS I am on opioids but before I started that option for me my Husband and I sat down and made a plan that if I felt it was getting out of control or if my Husband felt it was out of control that he would be in charge of giving me that medication (I take up to 4 pills a day and have not had any problems yet…giving all Praise to the Lord) bad thing about opioids is if you miss taking a pill is you start withdrawals…for me I have terrible diarrhea but withdrawal is different for everyone!
PLEASE research your options and try those before going to the opioids (being a recovering addict I know the pain and heart acke addiction can cause)

JessicaS-- find out all you can about the medication before you start taking it I’m sure it affects everyone differently! I just want to share with you about my Friend who was taking that medication, she was having Bad dissy spells which would cause her to fall, one spell causing her to fall and break her ankle in 2 places, the Doctor discovered that it was her Gabapentin that was the cause of the dizzy spells and when she stopped taking it the dizzy spells stopped! Reading what people share on these support sights that there are others that have experienced the same issues that my Friend had experienced, also be careful because the liver can be affected so do your research on all your options before making a decision …you don’t want to make a decision to help with one issue and causing issue with another part of your body!

Where I have to lift my arms the pain is excruciating!

Correction on my other post!

I have pain all the time and it get worst after walking or standing 5-15 min in my back and legs and take gabapentin it doesn’t work anymore can’t see Dr. till Jan. beem told it’s spinal fusion but need to lose weight before they operate

Have you tried CBD ?