Overpowering Cronic Rhumatoid arthrities

I have long histotory of 42 years to manage suffering.There mistake with blunders done to done by H.constant, parent relative ignorance my followup to them unless I applied brain with opportunity to come contact with right persons, surprisi gly Non medical profession

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I’m sorry, I don’t really understand what you are saying. Sounds like you have had bad experiences with Dr.s and are still suffering ? I don’t have Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have Osteoarthritis that is very aggressive so I can relate to years of sufferings and frustration. If you have a question or something you want to say to the group, we are here for you. Best wishes for things to work out for you.

Guys I had my first chiropractic appointment on Tuesday I was put on that table that feels like your having rocks rolled up and down your spine. Oh my goodness so not happening again I was standing waiting for the bus a pain shot throw my lower back and I had to lean against something my legs were going to give way. I slep very little I had an eye appointment today and therapy again in the morning so my head hurts my spine feels as if someone is punching me in the back the farther they go down the harder the punches there is an every day party in my body that someone forgot it’s suppose to be fun