Osteoarthritis patient

I am dealing with Osteoarthritis on a daily basis. Every since I injury my back in 2008. I know some of you have been dealing with Osteoarthritis longer than that. This is a condition that I have found to be getting the best of me. I recently went to the emergency room for a knee that was filled up with so much swelling and stiffness that I couldn’t move it and the pain was horrible. I actually was paralyze with pain in that knee. The Doctor ordered medication, bedrest and a visit to an orthopedic Doctor in a few weeks. I thank God for getting through this and I don’t want to have surgery on my knees right now. Can anyone suggest a good example of how they’re dealing with Osteoarthritis daily?


As crazy as it sounds walking and keep moving. Not when you are swollen badly but to my surprise the less I move the worse it is. I’m not saying to go ot and overdo it but simple stretching, chair exercises, physical therapy and just walking at a normal pace for 10 minutes or so a day. This is the simplest ways to help along with your diet. Certain foods cause or irritate inflammation so be aware of those as well.

Remember you will have good and bad days and it’s ok. Hope you feel better soon!!


Thank you and I was moving and like you said moving alot is a trigger for pain to come on you. I will do the exercises and I try to watch my foods items and I know that I definitely needs to monitor my schedule and slow it down to rest.


I agree. If I sit or lay to long I get stiff. I do stretching exercises. chair exercises, use compresion socks and gloves, also Blue Stop Max.
I look online for a list if foods that help fight inflammation. There is a good article on Harvard University web sight. It tells which foods cause inflammation as well.


I been dealing with osteoarthritis for the better part of the last 20 years. Mine started in my back, pain can really bring you down. I wound up at a pain management clinic and eventually found a medication that helped and didnt have the sleepy side effects that a lot of pain meds do.
I ve had both shoulders replaced and my left knee. I went through the drain and cortisone shots in the knee for quite a while. My arthritis is aggressive and joints tend to deteriorate quickly. The replacement was the best thing I could have done for my knee. The procedure is quite straightforward and the recovery is the easiest of all joints I’ve had replaced. I have friends that have had knees replaced too and they all wonder why they waited so long to do it. The Orthopedic Dr is where I got injections and eventually the replacement. I would continue to see one if that is doable for you. They are experts with this condition and can help get you on the path to pain relief.
You are not alone. There are a lot of us going through the same thing. There are solutions both surgical and nonsurgical. An orthopedic dr can be your best friend when it comes to osteoarthritis. Ice and NSAIDS can be helpful too. It will get better. Keep it moving if not too painful, it helps with discomfort. Seems counterintuitive but it does help.


I agree with her. I have so much pain v. And now RA with it and fybermyalgia. I try not to bend alot or lift.


Yes I know, I have days I can’t even get out of bed. On the days I can I do try to walk some or do some light stretching/ chair exercises that I was taught in pt. It has to be a day to day thing based on house you are doing. You also have to be mindful not to over do it, especially so on the good days, so you don’t cause more pain and swelling.


Yes, be careful on your good days. That would be taking 2 steps backwards. The way is to set limits. Sounds like you already know this.
I even set limits to my shower so that I do not over do it. I have had this for 50 years and had to learn my limits and learn little tricks to help me get through the day.
Like laying out my closthes, rest take my shower, rest, then dress. I have a terry cloth robe to help soak up water, so I spend less time drying off, and wear it while I rest.
I have a sock puller to help me with my socks and a long shoe horn to help me get my shoes on.
I keep a good book close to read while I rest. It helps me make sure I stay put long enough to recop some strength.
I eat 6 small meals instead of the big 3, chewing can fatigue my jaws. I try to make them healthy since I have asthma, irregular heart, diabetes, and diverticuloues. It also makes it easier to breath if I am not to full.
I also learned a nap helps me make it through the day with out so much fatigue. I watch the 10 pm news before bed and then get to bed so I can get at least 8 hours when I am able to sleep.
Stay well and gentle hugs to you.


Water exercises at the Y. That is what I found that work best for me. I try to do an hour 3 times a week and I always feel better the next day. And


I have to have the knee replacement surgery October 18. I put it off for as long as I could because I look very young for my age and I didnt want to have to use a cane. I still dont know what to expect but before i threw in the towel when I was trying to live with my osteoarthritis I used heating pads, ibuprofen preferably 800mg, steroid shots, epsom salt hot baths, various muscle rubs, heat rubs and you have to keep your weight down. I hope that helps

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I all so take short walks. I have found that moving helps from getting so stiff. I watch alot of tv on the comersails I get up and move, do some small cleaning. For me it’s one item at a time. Then sit back down. I also do simple exercisea what ever you like to do

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Hello I have been dealing with Osteoarthritis since 2008. The doctor sent me to therapy. Sure it’s a nuisance. They release you anyway after 2 weeks. I try a little at home. The Dr had me on ibuprofen 2x a day. I was on it so long I asked for something else so he subscribe meloxicam, it helps if you try and move around. My problem is weight that were me down but him working on it.

For me, I have to have my hips replaced. Multiple docs have advised me that surgery is the only answer for me

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To be honest one day at a time. My pain goes from 4 to 9 depending on the day I do seem to get some relief from the antinflamitory Diclofenac and Gabapentin
But if the pain gets above a 7 I need something stronger which I have Hydrocodone and tramadol but those are only as needed.

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Have you ever tried any of the homeopathic remedies. Have you ever tried any inflammatories? There’s turmeric capsules, and I can tell you from my own experience that they have helped me. Without all the GI issues that many of the ones the doctors frequently prescribe. The only one I could take was yanked off the market. Have you tried any of the OTC lidocaine products, or any of the pain runs that contain capsaicin, both have been quite beneficial for many, many people.
My next suggestion is to keep your affected joints warm. I don’t often recommend branded products, but my daughter and I both have and use some of the “Copper fit” products. I like their sleeves. I especially like their gloves, they really do help me. I also have gloves from the company called Thermoskin which I wear frequently, and they make supportive items for other areas, like your knees.

I suffer with osteoporosis as well, only it is in various areas of my spine, shoulders and knees. It has also started on my hips. The oxy and morphine only helped for a little while. I had a hard time quitting the morphine. Your body becomes addicted even if your brain isn’t.
Everyone said to try CBD Oil and apparently I don’t have the gene for it. It was like taking an M&M for a broken leg. They say exercise and cold works well, but the cold hurts like a mother and I can’t exercise alone.
What ya gonna do?

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I’ve been dealing with knee pain for over 10 years now and there’s nothing they can do but give you knee shots

First off, go to a rheumatologist. They deal with the various types of arthritis. You probably need a daily arthritis med. along with a pain meds. You didn’t actually say this, but it sounds like your handling it as it flares up. You need to treat it daily. By taking meds as scheduled you can cut down on severe flare ups. I’ve have osteoarthritis since I was 10-12. It started in my back & knees. It wasn’t until 2001, the age of 40 ish that I finally found a great Doctor. He is a rheumatologist & pain specialist. I have it in every joint, so I deal with constant pain, stiffness, and inflammation. He has helped me tremendously. Good luck.

What about surgery? My mom had hers and was so happy. Yes it hurt, but the pain was different. She was in her early 60’s. I can’t have surgery unless it is life threatening because my bones are basically dissolving.

They can’t or won’t give me arthritis meds because of my kidneys and liver, and I was on pain meds and a schedule. I am a disabled vet, and the VA won’t give out narcotics unless you have something like cancer. Trying to avoid addicts (ha ha). I can’t afford regular insurance to go out in town to see a good dr. My mom and her husband have gone through literally 45 dr’s to find one not afraid to prescribe the good pain meds hoping the gov’t won’t fine them or take their luscense. Narcotics don’t work on me much anyway.