Oops I goofed

Looks like I’m still having a little trouble with the voice input feature. I noticed that there was a small tag random words at the end of my previous message. please allow me to explain myself. I am completely blind and in order to use devices like smartphones I must use something called a screen reader. Since I use an Android I use Google TalkBack and Google text-to-speech. Touch screens are very hard to deal with and I pretty much have to type with one finger. this would make typing a message extremely laborious. That’s why I’m a try to do it by voice. The trouble is that sometimes the autocorrect feature kicks in and sometimes I just make my own mistakes. Also when the screen reader speaks the voice input feature picks up that speech and text it on to the message. That’s why it can sometimes seem like a bunch of gibberish. Anyway please bear with me I’ll get this mastered yet.


You did great. No worries.


I am nearly blind but have never had any luck with voice speech. I use one finger too. My daughter set up automatic spell correct which helps. By the way Happy Thanksgiving.


I solved the problem! Instead of creating messages on my phone, I have started writing them through the Carezone web site on my PC which has a screenreader and an actual keyboard with real keys on it. This didn’t occur to me until I got an email saying that someone had replied to one of my previous posts and provided a link to view the reply. Now there should be no more weird stuff in my posts. WooHoo!!!


No problem.

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We will be patient and understanding

Honey don’t you worry about it. I can see mostly fine but I still goof up. Either I’m in too big a hurry to prof read what I wrote or I do prof read and miss the mess-ups. The voice over screen is good but Siri sometimes don’t understand me or I just don’t see what I wrote. You’re doing just fine. Blessings,