On my way

So after 8 months post sleeve surgery I’m down about y0 pounds total (very light for most people) but good news is its enough of a loss, where I can finally get my knee replacement. dated December2nd. Just had an upper & lower GI done though Tuesday and he found some of the same issues that were found years ago when I had my first. and he questioned my sleeve surgery, he said my stomach looked barely a different sizem
I’m staying positive though. Was hoping to be down a few pounds since this procedure. but it seems all that detox flush stuff they gave me did was . ya know keep me in the bathroom.


Good luck and keep us posted. You an God have this. God Bless


I know you but I didn’t know what you were going through, thank God from whom you have a blessed God In Heaven that loves you so much, because you could have died on the table. Or something else could have gone wrong but your alive, today because of him and his presence in your life everyday, through all of your challenges and difficult situations you are still here to have Thanksgiving with your family.

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Wow got my sleeve done in Juarez MX. They did a leak test with xrays. I also have a full report and Xray to take to my PC physician. I have no appetite, at all.