Offer same features on the web and app

There are some things that are accessible only on the web site and other things accessible only through the app. Is there any way to sync the two so that we are able to access all of our personal account features no matter whether we’re using a computer or the phone? I know I can’t be the only person who’s good on a normal keyboard but is really bad at using the tiny “keypads” on the phone screen, even using a stylus. It would be much easier for me to use the computer to do my data entry and updates, and also to write out any notes in the tracker screens.


Hi @SteveMorrell—Thanks for sharing here! I’ve moved your post to the Suggestions & Ideas category, since the features you’re looking for aren’t yet available.

The website was the original home of CareZone (before the app was created). Once the app was developed, new features were specifically designed for the app only (like med reminders and Trackers). This is one of the reasons why the website and app are not identical. But it is possible for some of the different features to be shared between both platforms in the future.

What specific features would you like to see shared between the website and app?


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Thank you for getting my suggestion where it belongs. I knew I had seen it, but I couldn’t find it again.

As I said in my original post, the ability to access the trackers on the computer would be great for those of us with shaky hands. Those tiny keypads on the phone are frustrating when you tap every “key” but the one you want. If I have to write the info down to enter it later, I can input it with the computer as soon as I get home instead of waiting until whenever I’m steady enough to do it on the phone.

The ability to set alert levels in some of the trackers would be incredibly valuable. Everyone’s health is unique. What’s high or low blood sugar/pressure for me may be different for you. When a doctor says you need to call the office, go to the emergency department or call 911 at a certain level, it would be great to set that point on the tracker. It’s a good chance if you’re at or past that level, you’re not thinking clearly. A very noticeable alert that gets your attention would remind you that you need help right away or immediately.

If your weight is too high or low, your doctor will likely set a target weight. Having that, or your ideal range, marked on the weight tracker, it could serve as a visual encouragement when you see your weight measurements going in the right direction.

A programmed alert for when body temperature is too high or too low would be good, as well. The closer your temp heads into an unsafe level, the less likely it is you’re thinking clearly.

A doctor that’s aware you’re using this program may want to also set alerts on mood. Everyone’s mood wanders between and into high and low areas. If you’re in the very high or low areas too often or too consistently, your doctor may want to know.

Adding these tools to the trackers would be a great help with keeping track of health. The alerts could be the real difference in helping the patient seek medical attention when necessary and it could even save lives.


I would like to see trackers & medication history on web site.


Thanks for sharing your suggestion! I’ve moved your post to this existing topic here, so we’ll be able to update you if this feature becomes available.

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