Currently and for most of my teen life I’ve suffered from moderate OCD. Some things I act out on more than others, as everyone is different. Right now I’m in search of a good psychiatrist to help better diagnose me, help find a fitting medication and therapy routine, and work with me long term to help me develop better coping skills. This year has been especially hard with the loss of relationship, a new job, and seasonal depression on top of it. There’s a lot of change that I don’t handle well. Just opening up to you all. Not sure what to say. I’m on a journey for help. Today is kind of an iffy day, anybody have pick-me-ups?


Hi Darling I know how you feel as I am mild OCD myself. And this is my first Valentine’s Day alone. I have just tried to remember good times.


What area are you from?

Alton,IL area near STL

Oh i sorry i cant help with that area but will see if i can find anything

It’s no worries! My doctor’s office is closed but I have a phone call to set up a referral with a specialist in the city. Thank you.

Oh okay hopefully they can do something to help you. Its bot easy thats for sure

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I wish you the best with trying to find a good psychiatrist. What about therapist too? They can really help! I’m sending you lots of positive vibes and love! Take care!

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Sorry to learn of your difficulties. Losing a relationship, a new job and SAD are each major life change! Therefore it’s no wonder that you are experiencing increased S/S. I am in Texas, so I don’t know of psychiatrists in your area. All I can do is offer some possible reframing of your situation. I humbly suggest consider looking at the loss of a relationship instead of a closed door what about a new beginning. A chance to redefine what it you are looking for in a relationship; constructing a new paradigm for what it is that you are looking for and setting your intention on going after positive and healthy things. Again, while challenging a new job is a new beginning. Give yourself time to learn the new job and adjust your expectations to allow for your learning curve. Lastly, with SAD, at least you have a label for what has likely been bothering you for a while. With a label, it’s more easy to come up with plans for interventions. I hope and pray that at least some of this is helpful for you. Please hear that I am not passing judgement, just offering insights that I have learned through my life experiences.

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Go to psychiatry.com that is a good place to start. I work at a crisis call center and that is a very good resource. Also, dial
211 or 211.com is another good resource for looking up anything local. Good luck my friend.

Hi! R u actually diagnosed with ocd? I’ve had some issues. Just like things have to be in the same spot everyday. Like my bedside table.