Occular Migraines

ever since I could remember, I would get ocular migraines I remember when I was a child they would get so intense I would become nauseous hit my head would feel like there are a few bolts loose. nowadays all I get is the ocular vision itself where there are parts where I don’t see too well it normally lasts about 30 minutes a slight headache afterwards.

There seems to be triggers for me such as fluorescent lights flickering and certain perfumes. throughout all these years I haven’t found any medication that alleviates it. I have essentially grown accustomed to it happening.

My wife knows when I say I have a migraine that I’m essentially down for the count. it doesn’t happen too often I would guess twice a month.

I understand - I have had an intractable migraine for two and a half years so my husband has me “down for the count” most of the time (I do what I HAVE to do - doctor spots mostly - then I am back to my dark room.

Sorry to here about your illness and I am praying that you will be healed from it.

Have y’all tried Amovig? Its a once a month shot for migraines… I have dealt with migraines for as long as I can remember… I get ocular cluster and tension migraines… I have tried everything out there… The last month I got them the most was 5 weeks of constant migraines… Light sensitivity, sound, motion, nausea, vomiting, floatters the whole 9 yards… Since startung this shot I have had 2 episode… Not ever lasting more then 2 days… It has been a life saver…

My sister used to have really bad migraines pretty frequently. Her doctor ended up prescribing Botox and she says it’s the only thing that has stopped them…and she probably tried just about everything on the market before her insurance finally agreed to cover the Botox injections.

My nephew, the same sister’s son, who is 12 years old, has had really bad migraines ever since he was super little. He tried a daith piercing and it helped for quite a while. One day it just stopped helping, so he took the piercing out, but it gave him significant relief for quite a while.