Number meds to be taken


It would be great to have the number of different meds that are to be taken at each scheduled time listed beside the time. For example 6:00 a.m. (8)


This the best part of the app.
Scan your medicine.
Under the common time is a button for setting you to select specific time for that medication. Click on that.
Continue adding the rest of your meds & what time. The App. does the rest. It group all the medications for the time you set. Twice a day I take more than one pill at a specific time. They will list all the medications you are scheduled for that time.
You click on all the med’s for specific time or individually.
If you chose not to take a particular drug, it will bug you.
I have had some days that missed because of a medical test. On those days it keeps a record & that circle shows you missed some. You can touch the circle and it shows what you missed.
Good Luck!


If you use the little pen symbol once you are in the medications list it is possible to adjust the amount (in mg) taken. If that helps…


What I’m looking for is numbering the meds that I take at each scheduled time. I take many meds at each scheduled time except bedtime. For example, I take 11 pills/tablets & 1 one nasal spray at 8:00 a.m. each morning. The amount at 9:00 a.m. is a little less bit still numerous.

I’m 67 yrs old & the repetition of the meds each day has gotten to the place where I ask if I’ve taken the meds today or was that yesterday? So I have a week pill box that I fill each week. Most of the time I have all the meds I need for the week, but sometimes I don’t have enough for the full week & have to reorder & put the missing ones in later. To make sure I have all the meds I’m supposed to be taking, I count the number I have in the compartment; then I have to count the number of meds listed for that time. If the meds were already counted for me & the number listed, it would make me feel more assured that I was taking the correct meds & all of them & no more!