(Now available!) Tracker for Respiratory Rate

It would be great if we had the ability to at least keep track of respiratory rates daily, but even better if there was a stopwatch embedded in the app that would mark a minute for you to count respirations.


Great idea! I need for my Mom.

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Hi @emjosullivan and @pamwms54—I’m happy to share that your feature request for a Respiratory Rate Tracker has been added to the app!

To access the new Tracker, tap “Trackers” at the bottom right of your CareZone app, scroll down and tap “Respiratory Rate”.

(If you don’t see the new Tracker, update your app to the latest version of CareZone from the App Store or Google Play).

You can also read more about our other new trackers and features available in the link below!


Thanks for your suggestions and support!

Take care,


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