Nothing is working

So another cortisone injection Last month. Now I’m going to wait 6 months to get another one so that they can do both knees at the same time.
I’m getting pains and having spasms in my right thigh. My right knee was done about 4 months ago. Bad enough the injections do t last but a few weeks. And my insurance denied the other injections. I also just found out that I have a torn meniscus in my right knee as well. 😩 omg


I had a torn meniscus in my right knee… not fun


I fell at work last year and torn my left one. Took months to fix. And I feel several times in the process. Now a random MRI shows my right is torn. Ugh

Ugh. That hurts so bad! I hope you feel better soon

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I was suppose to get a cortisone steroid shot in my spine this coming august for pain in my legs and knees…they go in through your back muscle with lidocaine and then inject your spine…I’m,not going to do it…I don’t trust cortisone shots as I had one in my shoulder after a car accident and it hurt and never even helped the pain…that’s the last one I ever got…won’t do it again…sorry about your knee…I will pray for you to get better


Thank you.


I agree

My right knee cap was removed many years ago and I declined the chance to get an artificial one because I was told that it would require another replacement approximately 12yrs from the date of replacement. I was an avid basketball player and was hopeful of being able to play again. Since then the knee area has become full of calcium deposits and I can barely walk, and I am never free from pain! And my left knee has been getting increasingly worse from trying to compensate for the right knee.

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I agree with you I would not get a shot in my back several years ago I had pain in my my hips and I got a shot in my back and it was the worst pain ever I cried actually quite the pain was so bad because they hit a nerve and the person who did it I don’t think they knew what they were doing if they get it wrong you can be paralyzed my back has not been right since and it was my hip that was hurting my back was okay until they screwed me up I agree with you don’t do it do not get a needle in your back


Yes I didn’t want to take a chance…so glad I didn’t do it…

Now just to decide if I want eyelid surgery so I can see better…also risky…eye drops for life and @20 dollars for 2 small bottles of systems could be expensive

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try eating lodging meals at midday instead of at supper time and then just have something light like just fruit or veggie or even protein at supper time.

I’m older than you are I have tried injections. And they really didn’t work and now I’m going to try hemp oil I will report back thank you

Whoa that’s a lot happening at once. I hope you can find time to rest.

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I had the series of shots in spine several tears ago didn’t help, but now do it different and first two helped a lot for several months but did get relief from third one but not as much. Got one in upper back this week for neck, very painful yesterday but much better today. Ice on it helped much

Glad the ice helped…anyone who gets cortisone shots in my book is very brave…I thought they hurt when I had one in my shoulder after surgery down the line.

will you be getting a replacement?

I am in the works to begin the process for my knee replacement. I’m down 60 pounds. but the pain is getting increasingly worse not better. now my hips are also hurting and it feels like my sciatic nerve is acting up again. By january I could have both knees replaced

My original injury to my right knee was 1989. I foolishly had a Dr who convinced me to have the patella removed and assured me that I could expect full recovery. I LOVE playing basketball and I looked forward to returning to the game. I am having intense pain just walking. I can’t walk around my home without experiencing extreme pain. And I am on pain medication that is ineffective. And to compound the problem, my left knee is becoming increasingly painful because of trying to compensate for my right knee. Be extremely careful when you are evaluating your options. Don’t rush to what is seemingly a “magic” solution. May GOD BLESS you in your selection of medication relief. Many of them are addictive!

I was able to get my RTKR today. it was rescheduled several times this month. But I checked in today at 6M and was setting to go about 8 am. currently, in on day 1 postoperative. the pain is crazy. but I dont regret it.