My Doctor has requested that I keep notes of what I eat that might affect my blood glucose. She would like to have me be able to include that with my reports to her
I think that would be very helpful.


Sounds like a good idea. Sometimes food or activities can sometimes cause problems


You can use the journal for that, at least in the app. Tap “More” at the bottom of the screen, then “Journal” in the menu that comes up.
I use this for noting meds taken way off the scheduled times, among other things. Every entry is date/time-stamped. Generally I tap the + sign to make a new entry for the first note of the day, but for later info on the same day I tap Comment instead. That adds the new item, also time-stamped, as a comment below the first one and any others you may have already made. You can’t edit a Journal entry or comment once you’ve posted it, though, so comments are also useful for typos and “Oops, I meant…”.


But can you print it along with the readings?

I don’t think you can print from the app at all. @Ivy?

You can by sharing it with your printer

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Oh, thanks! (Now all I have to do is get that printer up and running…)

Hi @mabaker—Thanks for sharing your suggestion!

Printing Tracker notes is currently only available on iOS devices, but I’ve moved your suggestion to the topic below to keep you updated on the progress of this developing feature:

If you were requesting something else, just reply here and I’ll be glad to help.

Thanks so much! —Ivy

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And thank you, Ivy.

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Thank you