Not saving times taken

App needs a workover to make it easier to enter the times taken by groups that are scheduled to be taken at one time. Sometimes the app does not save check off of the times taken. Fix it,!!! It is too time consuming to make the entries.


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Hi @chrisli—I’m sorry to hear that your tracked medications are saving properly on your device.

Our app support specialist just sent an Inbox message to investigate your issue further. Please tap “Home” and “Inbox” to reply to this message.

In the meantime, these troubleshooting steps may also help:

1- Before marking a medication as taken, confirm that your device is connected to a strong and reliable WiFi signal.
2- If you do not have access to WiFi, you can still use your device’s cellular data plan (but it may take more time to save your info).
3- Either way, allow the app time to update after marking medications.

Depending on your internet connection, you may also need to refresh your app manually after marking medications.

Here’s how to refresh the app on Android:

1- Tap “Home” (bottom left).
2- Tap the “circular arrow” (top right corner) to refresh.
3- Allow the app time to load the changes through your network provider before taking any other actions or closing the app.

If you still have issues after trying the above, please reply to the Inbox message from our support specialist so they can help!

I appreciate your communication!

Take care,