Not doing very good at all


Okay I don’t know if the first one went through or not so I’ll try it again my mom is going to be taken off life-support tomorrow morning and that it’s hitting me really hard and I can’t find a way up to Colorado Springs to be with her at her last moments and it really hurts I need all the prayers I can get thank you


I’m so sorry to hear that there’s no words to express how that feels I know from experience I was 25 when I had to take my mother off life support you have to stay strong for the rest of the family and yourself first he needs someone to talk to I am here anytime I’m praying for you.


I’m self-medicating and I’ve been wanting to hurt myself I just want this pain of emotions to go away I’m in shock still I haven’t even really been able to cry real good


I am sorry. I will be praying for you!! I trust God will provide you with a way to get to your mom. If that doesn’t work out, I will be praying God gives you a peace about not being there. Know that your mom is not alone - God is with her. Hold onto God’s promises - especially that you are never alone.


Hi. Just want you to know your in my prayers. As is your mother today.,my,mother passed away alone in her own home and as friend found her…I was there for the funeral in new Hampshire. I flew in from Seattle. My brother bought me the plane ticket.
I felt very alone there as my other family members are close but not to me.
I’m sorry you can’t be with your mother but I’m sure it would be very traumatic to watch someone pull the plug on my own mother let alone yours. Maybe its a blessing in diguise. I’m sorry!




Aww sweetie, I knw it’s hard an vry emotional bt knw tht everyone is sendin strong prayers ur way. I too wasn’t there wen my mama passed. If ur a person of faith hold sting to the cuz ur family will need tht to help then as well as you in these times of saddness . My blessings to you an condolences to your family.
Always knw ur never alone…


do you have any family members in that area where she is


if you have family members see where she is you can probably do a video call that’s what I did when I couldn’t visit great grandfather when he was on life support