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Searching for relief and thought some of others here may have some suggestions. A few years ago my back x-rays showed mild arthritis. The pain is with me daily with some breaks when taking over the counter meds. I’ll be going for more x-rays in December to confirm its still arthritis and nothing else. Pain on a daily basis wears me down as I’m sure it does for others. I’m 64 and still financially have to work using a microscope 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. I’m just tired of the pain. Any and all comments will be appreciated. Maybe this place is an outlet, but I also don’t want to become a constant complainer. Wishing well to all who are suffering.


Hello and welcome.
I hope I am speaking for myself and others when I say, mo one will ever call you a complainer here. This place os full of others in the same boat as you are and we can’t help each other if you don’t rant about a Dr appointment or something else bothering you and vice a versa. We are here for the most part because no one else understands what we are going through better than someone else that is going through the same thing.
Good luck with your x-ray and let us know what you find out.
God bless.


I hope you find the main problem
We can work better when we know what we are dealing with
I’m older, but still trying to get through the day. I have had back problems, because of injuries are work. I am a Private Caregiver, but have worked at Facilities. I was feeling great on May 1 of this year. Ready to work… had a bus accident May 10th, since then I have had hip , groin and lower back pain. Now the Dr is saying I have Arthritis in both hips…
Referring me to a Specialist. He said I might be looking at hip replacement?? I don’t know what I did, during the accident, to cause this??
Sorry for complaining. And because I am taking Pain meds I can’t take MM.
Everyone, please have a great weekend and a better tomorrow


Thank you, my Dr, on Oct 31, told me it was all in my head. I have since been to a Counselor and a Pain Management class. I was told, the pain is real, not in my head. My Dr must have been told something… on my last app. He was very understanding.
I have no Family that wants to hear my problems. So my cat Boots hears a lot from me. Thank you for listening. I appreciate all your comments. Have a Blessed Day


I have had arthritis since I was 18. I will be 70 next month. I have severe degenerative arthritis and am constantly in some degree of pain.

However, there are some Rx meds that help, but nothing covers it 100 percent. Arthritis pain often fluctuates with changes in the seasons or the weather.

If you have a membership to someplace with a pool I can tell you that water exercise helps a

First see what the x-rays say and


And what the doctor recommends. Are you using ibuprofen or an NSAID? They usually work well if you don’t take other meds that might interfere with them.

It is best to use the lowest level or drug treatment that helps. Then if your pain gets worse you still have options. A rub like Bengay can provide a few hours relief.

Prayers for relief and a good result from your x-rays.

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Was A CNA in my younger days when I could work but not now body and mind not always willing. Back pain ooh ya it’s that certain angle you got to lean over. One thing that will help my back is my weight. If you have put on extra weight try to lose a few pounds it might help. And I know you have arther. So do I in my lower back I also fractured L1 and L2 when I was in my early 20’s and worked still till I was in my 40’s when I just couldn’t lift any more with out pain. You just know I listened to the doctor when I was told no push, pull, or lifts over 10 lbs my bag I carried back and forth to work weighted more than that. And I got use to working on my own. So now I’m 51 and on SSDI. Believe it or not I miss work. But I do know how you feel about your back and to the one that the doctor said it’s in your head I would tell the doctor yes some times it hurts too. But not today! I have found very little to help. I have a tens unit it helps some, MM would be nice if you can. Otc’s about the best would be Aleve. Other then that would be heating pad and ice pack. Which ever works best for you.

Thank you so much Angel

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My prayers are with you

I was using ibuprofen but I just recently switched to 650mg acetaminophen extended release and it seems to help a little bit more. I use a CBD balm now and then also. And a CBD oil drops internally, not sure if that’s really helping or not or if I just wanted to… just reading everyone’s comments here help me realize I’m not in this alone. Thank you all for your comments and advice.

I hear what you’re saying about the weight issue. Yes I’m a big girl always have been and I probably always will be. I guess things could always be worse for all of us. Thank you for your advice. And I pray that we’re all feeling better soon

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Oooh it is nice to hear from everyone. So sorry for the pain you are having. Thank you for the meds and results you are receiving. I have been on Hydrocodone 5-325, since my first back surgery (1996). I take 1-2 tabs per day. Also on others pain meds. They put my on Gabapentin before this last back surgery (2018). It seems to help.
For some reason??? It helps with Menopause sweats. It is hard taking meds. You never know which one is really helping. I hurt so bad some days, I take everything. Heat helps me, better than ice. I’m in my 70’s but can still walk and work. As soon as this pain settles, I will be back to my normal routine. I am not ready to stop. God helps me every day.

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Is your chair adjustable if so think about bringing it to a level so you don’t have to bent so much. Try to keep the bending to minimum and always remember to use your legs to and remember your posture

Also if you want t to try it get a tens unit from like wal mart for like $25. And try that it feels pretty good and you can even use it it work as long as the pads stick to your back all shift. You can turn the unit on and off.

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Our Fur Babies hear alot of our troubles when no one else will. Good Boots

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I use Biofreeze for my pain. There is a gel, cream, a roll on and now they have patches. I use the rollon most of the time, and cream on my feet

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Welcome we just got stay prayed up our father will not put nothing on us that we can’t bear. We all suffer from some kind of illness . Eve got us going through what we go through but for first part we’re still here

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Hope all goes well with your x-ray. Sorry to hear that you’re also going through pain. I know I understand how you feel. Good luck on finding a good pain treatment option. Also, it okay to vent here. I know I understand.

Welcome aboard, use this chat area as an outlet. My cat Galahad has heard it all. Betcha Boots is the silent listening type. Feel better, there is always hope for the next day. Remember you control your life, not the pain.😜🐈😝🇺🇸

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