New to the this group

I’ve been using the app for many years but new to the communities. I was diagnosed with fibro a few years ago. I was on tons of medication for other health issues at the time on top of what they put me on for the fibro. It was making me sick so after being on 30 pills a day. Yes 30 a day. I started being more active at the time I couldn’t walk 5 feet without gasping for air. I had to use a motor scooter every where I went. Last summer I hiked down to some water falls 2 miles at a 400 ft incline. I fought to get to this point. But I had to take my life back. I have copd also and I felt I was just sitting and waiting to die. Don’t get me wrong I struggle with pain daily. But CBD helps a lot.


Welcome back you have been missed.
Have a great communication with people here, in the Lord Jesus Christ

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Good for you each and every one of us are here for many different reasons between us and many with the same ones. We all need to have some sort of support and that is why we are here. It’s not our responsibility to judge you or anyone else for anything, you will however be getting lots of options and hopefully make a friend or two.
Gentle hugs and God Bless.