New meds


I am diagnosed schizoaffective bipolar type and C-PTSD. Recently i spent about a month in the hospital and they changed my meds from haldol to seroquil and zyprexa while still taking lithium prazon and cogentin. Is it common to be on two antipsychotics at once?


I am on 4 antipsychotic oral medication & an injection… & I know alot of other people that r on at least 2 also…


That takes a load off for sure


I am one for Bipolar & Depression.


Good im glad… If u need any advice on meds feel free 2 ask… I am always willing 2 help…


I suffer from PTSD and Schitzoaffective Disorder, Severe Depression and Chronic Stress. I’ve been on two different antipsychotics before. Just be aware keep an eye on your weight because medication like Seroquil, Trazadone , and Affexor makes you gain a lot of weight!


That is so true I’ve been on all of them now I don’t take no antidepressants not saying they don’t work for some people just not for me everything you mentioned I had side effects but for some people it works well.


I am on lithium and Seroquel


Yes sometimes it is necessary to control your symptoms. I hope you feel better on the meds now than without.


Good im glad 2 hear that…


It’s very unusual to be on 3 antipsychotics, lithium, zyprexa, and Seroquel, at the same time. I hope that your Dr. Is monitoring you closely.


Actually its ok to be but I usually I’ve been i n respirdal I also take benzotropine and Zoloft I was diagnosed with shcitzophrenia when I was 15 years old but for the past 3 years I’ve been controlled its been 11 years and I’ve been controlled and I’ve stayed away from mental hospitals the last time I was hospitalized was when I was 18 in edingburg behavior center and I was there for a whole week I have changed doctors due to personal reasons and now on sieng a doctor in Brownsville which is a good doctor he’s name is doctor Torres he’s office is called JNC behavior center he’s number +19565450646 try it see if it works for you hope it works take care


Im in the same boat, bipolar 1 with schizoaffective disorder and PTSD. I am taking latuda, lithium, and prazosin. But i feel like i need something else. I hallucinate all the time and my paranoia is throw the roof. I hope you find the right combination of meds for yourself. I feel like its a huge guessing game haha.




I’m in the process of weaning off FIVE depression meds and it’s going well so far. I may or may not be able to do well without them but after years of adding meds, I’m ready to go the other direction. I need to return to a point where I can feel my own brain.