New kid(?) on the block

I am a migraine sufferer, my last one having been about a month ago. I started experiencing migraines about 1975. I was just a kid and besides dark rooms(curtains) and no television, you just waited it out. Technology has improved so much since then, but still, nothing works for me, very often. As of last month, an injection and sleeping helped. But I had to miss work. Thankfully my supervisor(also migraine sufferer) knows what they’re like. I sometimes have headaches a lot, but migraines, not very often.


I get massive mirgaines alot. I wish mine were not often. But being hit in the head with a Cast iron skillet did a lot of damage. I already had nerve damage . I was told I would be in a wheelchair by 25 made it past that then got hit in head and Drs said I wouldn’t again that was 14 yrs ago and I’m now 45 and still walking but with a cane

I was in a bad car wreck, hit by a delivery van, run over, body/head injuries. But it could have been worse somehow❤️

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I get what I call decompression migraines. When I am exhausted and finally get a day to rest, I often end up with a migraine. Based upon what a friend was told about her’s years ago, it likely comes from my blood vessels opening and the increased blood flow causes them. It is a pain when I want to enjoy my day off but I do end up resting due to not feeling well.


Once, many years ago, my aunt, who was a nurse at that time, told my Mom that sometimes people have headaches after surgery because of enlarged blood vessels. They used ice packs on the area of the headache. It worked on my migraine that time. 😃

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Wow! I’ve been suffering intensely for about a year but couldn’t put my finger on the pattern until I read this. Have you found a good solution?

The best I can offer is to try to de-stress on a regular basis so the reaction is not so bad. I need to do better myself. Walks, music, laugh therapy are my tools to de-stress. If I decompress more often then I don’t get them as bad.

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Just in case there is any muscle tension triggered type of migraine happening there are 2 things I would highly recommend:

  1. Diclofenac Gel. It’s prescription. I don’t know how my it would cost you (it shouldn’t be too much because it’s generic), but it’s definitely worth it. And don’t go by the dosage card they have in the box! That’s enough to take a bath in! Just a small dot on your finger will cover a larger area than you would imagine and you can always apply more.

  2. If you can’t get a prescription for the Diclofenac Gel or you can’t afford it, try the line of Salon Pas products. They have both a lidocaine gel and a pain relief gel that work really good and they have large lidocaine patches, pain relief patches as well as a pain patch with menthol. They are on the expensive side, but if you’re going to try one, my personal preference is the one with menthol. They also have smaller patches (about 2”x4”) that are very affordable. You can get them at CVS, Walgreens, WalMart. At COSTCO or Sam’s Club you can get a box of 40 patches for between $10-15.00.

Good luck Stat safe.