New here!

Hi I’m Phyllis,

I’ve been using the app for years but never knew it had these extra perks.

I’m a 23 years warrior, also suffer from autoimmune diseases and am a recent cancer survivor.

I’m here if anyone has any questions or needs to talk.

Gentle hugs and healing vibes to all!🌺


Welcome aboard


thank you 😁


Welcome. I hope that the people here can help you with questions you may have. I also look forward to the insight that you have for others who you can help.


Hi Drichardson55 welcome aboard, to our page. I here you are a believer in the Lord and Jesus Christ, I will enjoy your comments, I to am a believer, there are many believers here.
We have so much in common, with our health issues and being a survivor, that is awesome that God with everyone that calls on his name Jesus Christ will be saved 🙏 Hallelujah.

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One of these days we can talk thank you talk to you later

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I will be here, see you soon 😘🌞

Hi Phyllis, I’m happy that you are on here too! I’m happy that your a warrior just like me but, people on Facebook called me that & I didn’t know what that meant but, now I do! I’m happy that your a cancer survivor & can u say a prayer for my brother bcuz, he got Leukemia in 12/2015 & as far as I know from my sibling family he still has no stages yet as far as I know/I’m new here & I didn’t know about this chat place-Cool! 😊🙏💖🌷

I hope U all have Happy Holidays & Happy New Year To All! 🎅🎁🎄😊💙🍀🙏😊💖🌷

Hi Tonya, I hope u have a nice day today! 😊🙏💖🌷