⭐ New feature! Medication Tracking Streaks (learn more, share tips)!

Hello everyone! We’re excited to announce Medication Tracking Streaks—a new addition to the CareZone mobile app!

This helpful feature allows you to view how many days in a row you’ve tracked all scheduled medications—and encourages you to stay on track.

Here’s how Streaks work:

✅ Track all scheduled medications each day to maintain and increase your streak
👀 View your streak anytime on the Dashboard or Medication Schedule
☝ If you miss a day, simply start tracking your scheduled meds again to start a new streak.
🏆 We’ll keep you updated on your streak milestones and new records!

Learn more by visiting our Help Center here:


What helps you stick to your treatment plan and stay on schedule?

Feel free to share your thoughts and tips by replying below. 😊

Take care,

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I like this, especially in theory! But I definitely don’t like that my streak is not accurate. I’m not sure if it’s because of when the update was added or a medication change or what, but I’ve taken all my meds quite a few more days in a row than are shown as my streak, which is very disappointing, as I’m proud of the actual streak, and now this inaccurate number is in my app.


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I really like this app because I can look back on the previous days to make sure I didn’t miss a medication it has really helped me to keep on track


I have an alarm on my phone


I set a notification sound for each time I’m due to take my meds. That’s how I keep on track. I also like the CareZone app because it has a list of all my medications. ☺


I have one on mine as well


Howdy all. I set a bracket time to take my meds, am meds 8:30 [8:00 - 9:00], pm meds 10:00 [9:30 - 10:30]. I love the ability to track my PRN meds. Another feature I like is the listing part of the application.
It is very useful at doctor’s appt or hospital visits. Thanks😁


I have a routine that I follow every day. Everything’s done in order. I use this every day so I don’t forget anything.


I use Alexa in conjunction to my Care app to make sure that I have not over looked the reminder. It is also a habit that I have gotten into to check my account 3 times daily.

It works great.


Hi @charleybradburies—Thanks for sharing here! Apologies for any confusion with how your streaks are tracked. The tracking number starts the day the feature was released, so any meds you took before the release day won’t be calculated. Everyone has the chance to start fresh this way! I’m so glad to hear you are keeping up with your medications and that you are proud of your streak! —Ivy


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This is such a great reminder, there may be some days when I don’t hit the time , but it’s ingrained in my head, so I automatically take my meds. I am very proud of myself, when I add to my streak. I have recommended Care Zone to several friends.


The reminder helps me stay on track for taking medicine


How do I activate the sound


I’ve been doing this to make sure I take my each day for hypertension. Also tracking my BP. Been in the hospital 4 times since labor day weekend, for gallbladder issues, acute pancreatitis, and latest TURP surgery. So keeping track of meds blood pressure weight is important to get healthy again.


I have the same problem. I live in a nursing home and I never miss meds. Yet the streak is not accurate.


I love this feature - my notification pops up every day and it’s so easy to keep my streak going. I wish you all continued success in keeping track of your meds.


I have an alarm set up for about 6 times a day to take my medicine so I don’t miss my doses. I Love care zone. I take about 17 different medications. It’s hard to keep track of on my own.


Hi @maym79424atgmailcom—I’d love to help understand why your streak is not accurate. So that everyone has a chance to have a fresh start, medication tracking streaks are counted from the day the feature was launched (right around October 14th, 2019). Any meds marked before this day are not included in your streak. If you are still having issues, please send us an Inbox message through the app so we can investigate and help!