Need to lose more weight!

I went for a check up yesterday. My NP said that if I continue to lose weight I can get off my diabetes medication at my next visit in 6 months. My goal is 50lbs. I need motivation!


If you are on Medicare and an other insurance they usually have a program that you can go to the gym free of charge. My husband and I go 5 days a week. We started out slow and have been building slowly. He is my encouragement. 💖


I am too young for that! ☹️


Check your insurance anyways


Sounds like you got your motivation. To get off those meds. So You can do it! Ask your local highschool if you could use there’s. Don’t hurt to ask. Do you have a friend that can go and walk with you? YOU CAN DO THIS!!¡


I have lost 35-40# since mid October just by measuring my food, watching my carbs , fat and sodium, keeping an honest food journal, cooking once but making 2 meals and freezing stuff. I also drink water and get enough fiber to help me feel full. I eat 5- 6 smaller meals a day. I just started adding walking.
I’m surprised at how easy that 40# has been to lose just by doing those changes. And most days I’m not hungry.
You’d be surprised if you look at serving sizes. In America the food sizes are too big.
Have you seen a dietitian? Most of these hints were given to me by a dietitian or just by educatingy self. You have to make a lifestyle change not a diet. In my mind if I diet l fail because do are too restrictive. So I say to myself this is s lifestyle change and if i do this I’ll be healthier. Just by losing this weight my A1Cs, blood pressure and physical and mental health have improved.
I also use cinnamon to help
with blood sugar spikes, which makes me feel hungry. It really does work. I add 1 to 3 tsp twice a day to my water, tea or coffee. And then instead of sugar or fake sugar (which is bad becuz it actually makes you crave real sugar) I use honey. Instead of milk I use less fatting 2% milk.
I have lots of hints but it would take too long to write on here. Do you have Facebook? I’m setting up a private group to help ppl lose weight. I’m not a dietitian but this is what works for me.

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Yes!! Most insurances will encourage weight loss to keep a person healthy. Another idea I to head to your local animal shelter and walk the dogs. Bonus you help the dogs and yourself. My shelter is very happy to have me walking dogs. I live in Illinois and I dress in layers and spend time walking dogs each Saturday…cheaper than the gym and helping dogs feels really good


Yes, I have Facebook. I have seen a dietitian.