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I know this is late, but for all having financial constraints always try You can look for medication assistance by brand name, generic, or condition. If there is any assistance program available it will be listed. It will also state who may utilize the program & an outline of qualifications such as income level must be X% of federal poverty level with a calculator provided, live in US, etc. If the program states “No Medicare allowed” & you have Medicare unless it’s a rebate program always submit a letter listing income, expenses, why you need med & if able to obtain a letter from your Dr as to why you need the specific med along with the application & whatever else is required such as copy of insurance card, income documentation, etc. Submit your application specifically when requested, but as early as possible in the process. If you are Medicare it will automatically deny you. Within the first week you know they have your application such as if you faxed, or had your Dr fax it call within 2 days & tell them you want an immediate decision appeal as you need your medication. If you don’t submit everything together up front you will need to wait to get a denial letter in a week or two & then submit all the paperwork again. By submitting everything upfront you can call & ask for the appeal & tell the organization you already submitted everything for the appeal which will require a doctor’s letter explaining why you need the medication. If the program rebates money to you that is NEVER allowed as it’s against the law. The same site lists low or no cost clinics by zip code, low cost laboratory & radiology facilities, equipment assistance, and even scholarships for summer camps for children, & college scholarships for college students who have a person in the home who is disabled. It’s a wonderful site. In the past one had to convert the generic name to brand then figure out who owned the brand medication. Once you found their website you’d have to search for the patient assistance program. I once was looking for a program for my brother’s significant other & I fell asleep. When I fell asleep I dropped the computer mouse, it rolled across the investors portion of the website and the assistance application was at the bottom of the page. Be EXTREMELY careful to follow all directions as some programs state you must complete a new application every 60-90 days & you & the doctor must sign it in a different color ink each time. I’d advise you if the information will not change to make a high quality copy before you give it to your Dr for a signature and just keep submitting the same paperwork when your circumstances haven’t changed and comply with what is required even if it means purchasing a pen that has 4 colors so you can rotate through the colors in the pen thus meeting the requirements.
Some of the programs are assistance programs that others have donated money to & most can only take a certain number of people with certain diseases so you must first see if the disease state the medication you are taking has an open program. If there is a program open you need to apply immediately. They are first come, first in this case gets the money. We’re about to go into a new year which means the time to apply is upon us. I, personally having previously gone through this process, wouldn’t go past 1/15, or 1/30 at the latest. If you put off applying I can guarantee you will probably receive an apology, but they no longer have funds. The more widespread the disease the faster the funds are used. Some will if you are approved reserve the funds until a certain date this year to use. Once that date passes they’ll release the funds to be used by another person. Some will provide only the exact amount they’ve determined will be needed based upon your disease even if you actually need more than they are willing to provide. All those programs differ on what they will pay for as some pay doctor visits, possibly travel, & cost of treatment, but not all programs are the same. Although it may sound risky all the programs listed are reputable. I’m sorry for such a long reply, but I wanted to share my experience as funds go fast with these programs. The bottom line is apply as fast as the new year starts if you see something available & remember with these programs they are disease specific so if you have multiple conditions & you cannot find assistance for medication directly from the manufacturer apply for every disease state you have a medical diagnosis & receive treatment for that the program states is on their approved list of treatment.
Good luck to you and anyone who reads this post. No matter your circumstances even in the most darkest of days NEVER GIVE UP HOPE as you’ll be surprised especially if you ask to be placed on a waiting list in case funds become available because just as you’re ready to throw in the towel the maximum amount of money required for your treatment will become available because another individual didn’t need the treatment their doctor originally stated they needed so the funds are released. I wish everyone the best of luck & even if I don’t know you’re looking for assistance everyone who has any condition is always in my thoughts & prayers as I walk in the same moccasins as many others I just am no longer competition since I found other sources of payment accidentally after being on a waiting list for years for help at home & with the help the program also picked up medical expenses I’d previously been told I wasn’t qualified for making me think the hurricane we had sucked the brains out of everyone since I became eligible for items previously denied. Don’t give up hope as you too will be provided what you need when you least expect it.


You are wonderful for sharing this information. Thank you!

My health nightmare began 2/2018 and still continues. It has been physically, mentally and financially exhausting . I search for any assistance that I can get! (Of course I never expected to fall ill or at least not for going on 2 years) We had a “safety net” I.e., short term disability thru my former employer, Aflac and a small saving account) Despite my best efforts social security disability has denied me twice. Even though I have not just one but 3 covered diagnosis’s and several letters from specialists stating I am disabled. Well anyways, my point is thank you! It’s very nice of you to share the info that you found and your post was just very uplifting. (Which was nice because I am not having such a great day)

Any who! Thank you for sharing and best wishes to you!

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I also never expected to find myself suddenly unable to work especially since I’m solely responsible for all my expeneed. I listened to my wonderful Dad’s advice & always carried short & long term disability & only had a small egg. My family works until you are dead so that even weighed on me. I thought I was going out on short term leave only to be told by not the medical doctor, but the chiropractor I would not be returning to my beloved job. Short term disability only paid a certain number of weeks & then it converted to long term disability which I became responsible for paying my medical insurance premiums. My company was nice & carried me 2 years, but eventually they needed to release me. My insurance premiums didn’t change, but my long term disability company pursued Medicare. I’ve found through the experience of others including an individual with zero immune system due to a childhood issue that it’s virtually impossible to obtain social security without help. My friend’s wife completed the paperwork & he was denied 5 times despite no immune system, cancer, heart disease to the point he collapsed & CPR was performed & only by the grace of God he survived. After the 5th denial she asked for assistance & contacted an attorney. Attorneys will take cases with documented serious illness as social security will pay back pay & they’ll take a % rather than you paying out of pocket. If you’ve been sick for years it’ll also expedite your Medicare eligibility. Of course, this is all dependent upon one having a work history with adequate credits which you can register on the social security website & it’ll tell you where you stand and what your benefit would be. Everyone whether they need information, or not should register on the social security administration website for an account as that’s an avenue being used for identity theft. Anyway once obtaining counsel they’ll evaluate your case & obtain whatever is needed to obtain approval. It might just be specific wording your doctors are using preventing the approval & if it’s something like that your attorney will have a physician well versed in what is required first review everything available & then if needed examine you themselves to document everything. Social security, of course, will always do everything they can as will some employers to prove you can work & have no medical issues including using their own doctor’s for exams and monitoring your Facebook & other social media accounts. If you state you are in severe pain due to whatever medical condition & they see you post of Facebook a picture playing a sport, hiking, shoveling snow, splitting firewood, or any other necessary items needed to survive they’ll state you obviously aren’t that bad if you can obtain firewood even if your home is heated by wood heating stoves, or fireplaces. It appears that might be your first step as I know becoming I’ll wiped me out.
I understand you’re already physically, emotionally & financially stressed so take a look at your situation and if you are denied multiple times for social security which they will do take a different approach & transfer that stress to an expert in the field rather than you completing the same paperwork over & over to obtain the same response as they’ll never tell you what is needed to be successful. Even after you’very done that & you finally get on Medicare keep in mind if you are under 65 & single you’ll need to go on a Medicare Advantage as the cost of a Medicare supplement is cost prohibitive. I personally don’t like HMO’s, but it’s a personal preference as I don’t want an insurance company mandating I see a primary doctor each & every time I need a specialist. If you have a spouse & become too ill to work so you no longer have insurance that meets the criteria needed as a significant change to warrent adding you outside of the open enrollment period.


I accidentally hit post, but anyway have your spouse add you to their policy. Of course even that may not make it financially possible to afford many medications. When I became sick I had to convert the name of my medication back to the brand name, figure out who owned it, and then search the company website for a patient assistance program. The website eliminated that process. Many healthcare professionals don’t know it exists that’s why I provided the initial post. Needymeds should help you find coverage for most things. There are things never covered such as the need for vitamin injections at home because you cannot go to the doctor’s office twice a week, or many other situations. Don’t forget to try looking for the best price. I hear a lot of them advertised, but the only one I can speak about is GoodRx as I’ve used them. For items I still have to pay out of pocket and even for human meds used for your pet you can actually look up a medication and find out the lowest price and fill your prescription at the pharmacy with the lowest price. Some times it goes against my advice to always fill all prescription at the same pharmacy as yours might not have the best price on Good Rx. If a pharmacy has a price on Good Rx they are contracted to that price so you will know they can’t back out of the agreement. I cannot speak about other companies as I don’t know their policies and procedures. If you’ve been loyal to one pharmacy for years & need a prescription always ask the best price they can provide for you. I’ve been with the same pharmacy since 2007 & have needed a vitamin due to a deficiency. Unfortunately, Medicare doesn’t pay for vitamins even with a documented deficiency & a prescription for a medication not an over the counter medication. That forces me to pay cash. Usually the cash price best given price is about $25. I spoke with my pharmacy & due to a program the company provides they were able to get the price down to. $4.81. Bottom line no matter the program whether it’s something from needymeds that doesn’t usually fit their criteria, or your own pharmacy always ask for their help. What is the worst they can say? No? You didn’t lose anything & sometimes you’ll be surprised & they’ll say yes.
For the many who have posted similar issues please thank Ivey at Care Zone who agreed to add this category. I’ve provided my personal experiences to obtain assistance not just something relayed to me. Never give up hope!

Sadly I did obtain an attorney after social security disability denied me twice :( My attorney represented me for my December 2019hearing. I was very disappointed with her service but what are you going to do? I waited a whole year for that hearing just for it to be continued. I try to put a positive spin on it and say, “well, at least the judge didn’t just straight deny me again”. Lol. I’m just doing everything that they have requested and crossing my fingers that my attorney will actually be mentally present at my next hearing. It’s funny and sad because I know that my brain doesn’t work as well as it used to . I just thought my attorney would pick up the slack but that didn’t happen. It was Dumb and Dumber :) For whatever reason these days my brain has a delay in regards to process info. I literally didn’t process what the judge said and ordered until after it was done… Which was too late. Oh well, I’m hoping that April’s hearing goes better…

Any who,
I also wanted to mention Patients Advocate Foundation. They have numerous programs for many different diagnoses. The website is

In addition to all my autoimmune diseases and immune deficiencies I am a heart patient. Last year I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in PAF’s heart valve grant. Anyone dealing with a chronic illness should really take a second and check out their website/programs.
Best wishes to all and may we all be blessed and heading to the road of recovery.

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You are very correct as the Patient Advocate Foundation also has a link on the website. If you look for assistance by medical condition it will pull the Patient Advocate Foundation among others. I was fortunate enough for them to reserve funds for a medication for me & after it was given IV in my home & billed my insurance paid at 100%. I was amazed they granted me the funds as I’d applied extremely late as funds are first come first served since volunteers donate money to them to help others.
As for your social security it was good it was continued even though you need help now. Have a significant other if you can call the attorney & demand to know how they are going to get you approved for social security reminding them they don’t get paid unless you do. If they cannot or do not answer the question select an attorney who is well known in your area, or call any attorney who advertises & ask who they’d use. We have a well known group who is very vocal in the state who has taken care of many people I know making sure everything needed to win is taken care of & a lot of times they make a call & expedite everything so you won’t be waiting for something you don’t understand anyway. Having another might just be enough to light a fire under yours, but there are attorneys in every market advertising & bragging how they win all the time & that’s the type of person you want to help. They know how to play the game & they do what is needed to be successful! You should be easily able to figure it out watching TV & call the one with the most ads & ask if they’ve got a division to help you, or knows who can as I hate to say it, but it’s like they run in packs & can smell the prize at the end. You don’t need a barely conscious person! Just my opinion though.

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The water company is trying to screw me over they shut my power off and they won’t turn my bill until I pay500.00 and now change to 1200 and it’s 1100 they can’t give a straight answer I wasn’t getting a bill in the mail so I wasn’t paying they can’t even give me a document bill on how much water I’m using and they wanted an update on my address but they already no my address I think I’m being scammed you have any suggestions

If your income is low enough you can call your county’s legal aide team & ask if there is someone that can help you. Other options off the top of my head would be call the Salvation Army who normally will assist paying a utility bill & ask if they can help explaining the circumstances so they will know you can’t get a straight answer as to how much you really owe. Call any lawyer who specializes in real estate & explain your circumstances telling them you need help & didn’t know where to turn as you can’t be in a home without water especially with medical issues as it would be seen as unsanitary. Even if they cannot directly help they should be able to give suggestions as to how to obtain help. I’m not sure how your situation works, but I’m sent an email each month noting how much the water bill is (it runs around $40, but we don’t have individual meters so it’s a portion of the total bill for the complex) & payment is due with the rent. Why would they need your address? When you call the above agencies ask because if this company truly bills your water they’d have your address. If you are renting & you didn’t have to pay water when you started your lease period they cannot add having you pay water until you renew the lease. The amount you state sounds like years of water & I know of no legitimate company who’d allow you to go years without paying this expense. Also contact your Better Business Bureau as they might have suggestions. I’d also call your local TV stations. I know no one wants to be on the news, but reporters have amazing powers to resolve issues. The water scam is very common. I was served years ago with a bill for about $2500! I wasn’t on a lease where I was responsible for paying water. I moved due to other issues (the management had no problem with possums getting in my apartment putting my cats at risk) & the company I supposedly owed the ridiculous water bill never pursued me, nor did they place it on my credit. Good luck. I wish I had a magic fix, but it needs the assistance of any of the above & if I was in the situation I think I’d call legal aid, local press, & Salvation Army first. Once resolved make sure you report the issue to the Better Business Bureau so they can investigate & once completed give the company an “F” rating warning others the company isn’t reputable. Hope it helps some!

Thank you so much for your help I will try those