My wait

My weight keeps going up and down supposed to see my doctor and April the 22nd at 2 p.m. that could be my thyroids I should go in and get a blood test to go see her but with this virus and everything I might have to cancel my appointment the one thing my husband that’s supposed to get his teeth pulled out the 21st of April so and I don’t drive so I might have to cancel but this virus and everything go around until it’s over hopefully soon well we’ll see what happens


Good morning. You should at least get your labs done and schedule a virtual appointment with your doctor. All my lab work was all over the place. My doctor put me on thyroid medication and vitamin D.


Everything is in God hands right now, but all we need is to have faith!!!


I agree with Misslisa, get your labs done and if the Dr cant/won’t do a virtual appointment ask him to mail you the results…if they say no…get another Dr

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